(Video) Lil Yachty Sits Down And Chats With Tim Westwood Over Pizza

How great is a Tim Westwood and Lil Yachty collab? In a recent video, we see Tim Westwood and Yachty chopping it up over Pizza. He is currently on tour over seas but Tim still got a chance to catch up with him. He got a chance to speak on his next album, thoughts on old school rap, meeting Drake, and much more.

(Photo) There Is A New Map That Shows You Where Most Of America’s Pizza Is Located

Do you love pizza? If so you’re going to love this! There is a new map floating around that conveniently shows you where a majority of America’s pizza is located! And no this is not a joke, this is the real deal! Read more after the jump for all the details.

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Cars Now Comes With Ovens

Domino’s Pizza is just stepping it up this year! First with being able to order a pizza with just a simple emoji, now with delivery cars pimped out with ovens.. they are definitely receiving a 100 in customer satisfaction.

800-Pound Man Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza

An 800-pound man has nowhere to lay his head after being removed from a hospital. Once he violated a plan, set by the hospital, they found no other choice but to give him the boot.

(Video) Iggy Azalea Details The Papa John’s Incident

Following her issues with Papa John’s and their “security breach” (the delivery kid got juiced and gave out Iggy’s number to all of his friends and family,) Iggy addressed the situation in a new interview with Ryan Seacrest. During the chat, Iggy detailed how she was a longtime customer of this Papa John’s, and hadn’t had any issues in the past. This specific instance was with a new employee, however, and he totally fanned out when he came to deliver the pizza. After not only his sister but his cousins and more began blowing up her phone, that’s when she contacted the company…only for them to later tell her they’d addressed it with his mom and it’s cool now. No, that’s not cool! Find out what happened from there below, plus how Pizza Hut threw their name in the mix!

Papa John’s Takes Action Against Their Iggy Azalea-Loving Employee

Following her big loss at the Grammy’s on Sunday night, Iggy Azalea got into a war of words with none other than Papa John’s Pizza on Twitter, after a relative of one of their delivery men contacted her to say he was her biggest fan. Following a quick and not-so-witty semi-apology on Twitter (where they used her lyrics,) Papa John’s has now issued a real response, as well as reportedly took action.

“Privacy of our customers and employees is extremely important to us. Papa John’s has taken appropriate disciplinary action with regard to the employee involved. We are reaching out directly to Ms. Azalea and hope to resolve this incident and make it right.”

The company did not reveal what disciplinary steps it had taken in regards to the employee.

Kid Ink Up Against Possible Lawsuit From Pizza Delivery Man…WHY?!

Garnik Nazarian, a pizza delivery man plans on coming across a hefty pay day after making a stop over to Kid Ink’s place in Granada Hills, LA. Hit the jump for more details.

Say What? Grandmother And Grandson Were Given Pizza Laced With WHAT?!

Grandmother of 3, Ava Farley was taking care of her grandchildren and decided to order a mushroom pizza. What happens next will shock you…

NBA: John Starks & Anthony Mason Pizza Joint Now Open In Harlem

Congrats to John Starks and Anthony Mason on opening a new pizza joint in Harlem!  That’s one competitive business — but they’re used to that! #Knicks It’s located on the corner of Frederick Douglass Blvd. and W. 123rd St. Check out what they had to say about the opening…

(Photos + Video) LMAO! Ellen DeGeneres Hands Out Pizza During The #Oscars

Not only was Ellen DeGeneres one HILARIOUS host, but she was also very concerned about making sure all of the celebs in attendance at the Oscar Awards were fed properly. Ellen called up a REAL pizza man (who delivered the pies to the venue) and handed out slices to all of our fav A-list celebs including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx & many more. Check out Ellen’s generous pizza-giving ways below!

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