(Fellas Check The Pics) Jhonni Blaze Confirms Her New Boob Job & Shares A Photo Of Her Bare Chest!

Stripper turned reality TV star Jhonni Blaze is known for her impressive backside but she always had a tiny chest. With her new found fame and VH1 money, the vixen went under the knife and purchased a new set of boobs. In an exclusive with Vlad TV, she confirmed being apart of #TeamPlastic with a photo of her bare chest right after the surgery to enhance her breasts after posting pics of herself in Miami with a noticeably larger chest area. Check out the before and after progress in the gallery! #RacksOnRacks

(Fellas Check The Pics) 5 Pics Of Nicki Minaj Looking SUPER Thick!

Just because it’s Friday, check out 5 sexy flicks of femcee Nicki Minaj looking thick as ever.

(Video) Ice-T Says Coco’s Booty Is ALL Real… Do We Believe Him #OrNah?!

Rapper/actor Ice-T stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien to chop it up with the television host. He wanted to get one thing straight; his wife Coco’s HUGE booty is ALL real (or so he says.) Do we believe Ice?! Check out the video below and peep some flicks of Coco’s large backside in the gallery.

Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Make You WHAT?!?!

Many people undergo cosmetic surgery in attempts to win back their youth. Some do it to “fix” parts of them that they just don’t like. Despite the various procedures, researchers found that they aren’t as effective after all. Check out more info after the jump.

Amanda Bynes Does WHAT To Her Boobs?!?!?!

The 27-year-old troubled ex-Nickelodeon star was very proud of her new chest after she went under the knife for a boob job just a few months ago. However, she confirmed via an e-mail to Radar Online that she just had yet ANOTHER procedure done, but this time for something different! Hit the jump to find out the deets.

(Photos) Ever See What $100K Of Plastic Surgery Looks Like?!?!

Ever wondered if plastic surgery can physically change your ethnicity, well this lady confirms that it can, hit the jump or the full story!

A Closer Look At The Brass Knuckles iPhone Case!!!

So earlier this Month, Legendary Porn Star Jenna Jameson was arrested for assault, she seems to have gone H.A.M. on her assistant, With the ‘Brass Knuckles iPhone Case’….But People are wondering, can an iPhone case do that type of damage?! Well I had a chance to get my hands on that case…My findings In the gallery of course!

Buffalo Taxpayers Paying For Faculty Botox???

It has been revealed that tax payers from Buffalo are paying teacher’s plastic surgery! All the types of surgeries that teachers can get are included in a health plan and last year it is reported that the Buffalo school system paid millions for faculty plastic surgery.  They must be a really vain school district because these teachers described this as a perk. Hit the jump to see how much was paid! Steph Bassanini

Tech Talk Gadget: Check Out The First Flexible E-Paper!!

This can help the newspaper industry. Imagine if you just purchased a flexible e-paper and it updated via Wifi with the daily news. I am getting ahead of myself but this is a dope concept. Hit the jump to check out the flexible e-paper. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

(Photo) Wow, Check Out What Kim Kardashian Used To Look Like!!

Holy plastic face!!! I knew Kim had some work done but when I saw this old pic of her today, I realized that “some” was definitely an understatement. Kim is only 30 years old and she was so cute– she really shouldn’t already look this drastically different. Ohh what Hollywood will do to you. Check out the pic after the jump to see what Kim used to look like! Wendy L.

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