NFL: Tom Coughlin Says the Giants Would Have Won Another Super Bowl If Plaxico Burress Didn’t Shoot Himself

I”m sure Plaxico Burress will never forget and regret that faithful night when he accidently shot himself in the leg.  He not only pressed pause on a successful career, he also had to spend almost two years of his life behind bars.  If that’s not enough, now he’s shouldering the blame for the Giants not winning another Super Bowl.  Read more after the jump.

NFL: Judge Orders Plaxico Burress’ Virginia Home To Be Auctioned

First his license gets taken away and now his home. We thought the troubles for Plaxico Burress was over after he dropped $100K to pay off the IRS, but it’s not.  Find out what happened now…

NFL: Uh-Oh, Trouble For Plaxico Burress?!

At least Plaxico Burress is still on a team, although this might make it a little hard for him to get to work. Check out another hoop that Plax is going to have to jump through…

NFL: Plaxico Burress Drops $100,000 to Pay Off the IRS

Plaxico Burress was unemployed for much of the season before he was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That’s good for him because he has some IRS bills that need to be paid off.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

NFL: Plaxico Burress Speaks on Jovan Belcher & Gun Ownership

Plaxico knows a little something about guns.  He never hurt anyone on purpose, but he does understand the whole gun debate issue.  When Plax accidentally shot himself in the leg 4 years, he had everyone debating about gun issues (and athletes with guns) like they are today. Check out what he had to say about the situation: GameTimeGirl

NFL: Plaxico Burress Signs With The Steelers

Congrats Plax!  I’m glad someone is giving you another chance!  After watching Plaxico Burress work out Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed the veteran wide receiver. GameTimeGirl

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