NFL: SMH, Cops Arrest Group Who Made Thousands Of Dollars From Selling Fake Patriots Playoff Tickets


Damn, funny thing is if they weren’t greedy they may of gotten away with it. A trio of young men from New York are sitting in jail tonight in the Boston area after getting caught selling fake playoff tickets to this weekends AFC championship game between the Patriots and Colts. A fan called police after he bought a few tickets and just felt something was off.

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(Photos) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Is Gonna Rock These Sick $1,000 All Gold Cleats For NFC Championship


Money means nothing to Marshawn Lynch if it means it will keep him looking clean on the field, as he dropped over a thousand dollars for these custom, all gold cleats. The cleats were hand made by shoe-customizing guru Solesbysir and feature 24K gold flake paint with a RIDICULOUS gold chrome plate at the bottom with a final value $1,100 bucks. Lynch wanted them for the Super Bowl but they said once he saw them he just had to wear them this Sunday against the Packers.

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NFL: Report, Ndamukong Suh Suspended For Lions Playoff Game For Stepping On Aaron Rodgers


This had to be expected and I am personally happy it did. Ndamukong Suh was suspended for the Detroit Lions playoff game next week against the Dallas Cowboys for stepping on Aaron Rodgers twice during the game with the Packers yesterday. It was clear Suh did it on purpose regardless of how much he denies it. This is one of those cases where your past acts catch up with you as you look like a dirty player.

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MLB: Any Takers?!?! Fan Wants To Trade His Nationals, Orioles Playoff Tickets For … Threesome

IFWT_o tix 3

Well here’s a special offer! Lol.  A man is looking to have a threesome in exchange for his Orioles/Nationals playoff tickets.  I wonder how many people are going to try to take this guy up on his offer?!?!  Good luck with that sir!
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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says The Knicks Will ‘Absolutely’ Make It To The Playoffs Next Season


Carmelo Anthony honestly admitted that he does not expect the Knicks to win a championship this upcoming season but he does expect them to at least make the playoffs.

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(Video) NBA: Top 10 Circus Shots of the 2014 Playoffs


Check out the 10 best circus shots from the 2014 NBA playoffs….

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(Video) NBA: Top 10 Crossovers of the 2014 Playoffs

IFWT NBA I love this game

Check out the 10 best crossovers from the 2014 NBA playoffs…

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(Video) NBA: Spurs Manu Ginobili Slaps Kevin Durant In The Face


It was obvious the slap was on accident but it still had to hurt. It had to hurt even worse knowing that by the time this play happened OKC was on their way to getting ran out of the gym by the Spurs. It appeared KD was still shaking off the affects after the play.

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(Video) NBA: Crazy! Russell Westbrook Attacks Rim With Anger For This Mean Throw Down!


Geez, Russell Westbrook is a straight beast! Every so often he catches you with a dunk that is so strong and it comes out of nowhere! Last night as Kawhi Leonard tried to guard him, Russ went right by him for one of the highlights of the game. He tries to basically rip the rim off with this dunk. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Spurs Destroy Thunder, Now One Game Away From NBA Finals


It is safe to say last night was not the Oklahoma City Thunder’s finest hour. They were ran out of the gym by the Spurs en route to a 117-89 win for the Spurs in game 5 of the best of 7. At the end of the first quarter the game was tied at 32 and it looked like we were in for a great game. The Spurs put that to rest soon, by tearing the Thunder apart, especially in the second half. Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook didn’t play well and the Spurs played 100% team ball. Tim Duncan finished with 22 points and 12 rebounds but it was the effort from everyone in a Spurs jersey that helped put the game out of reach. Game six is Saturday where the Thunder will try and avoid elimination and setup a game seven.

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