Sports: ESPN To Air First NFL Playoff Game in 2015

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I’m surprised that this didn’t happen any sooner.  ESPN will televise a wild-card playoff game in January 2015, the first telecast of an NFL postseason game in the network’s 35-year history.
Hit the jump for details…

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2014 NBA Playoffs First-Round Schedule

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Last night was the last night of regular season games, so you know what that means — Playoffs!!!  The NBA announced the full schedule for the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs. Hit the jump for the schedule…

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NBA Jokes: Aww Man, LOL! LeBron, Kobe, JR Smith & Others Text Melo After Being Eliminated From Playoffs

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My heart’s broken, but you guys have jokes huh?!  It was a sad night for Knicks fans on Saturday when my team was eliminated from the playoffs.  Of course those that aren’t fans … had jokes.
Check out what Melo’s text messages looked like after being eliminated (again, this is all jokes — not real texts) — It’s pretty funny though, I laughed through my tears #KnicksTape #Knicks

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NBA: Phil Jackson Says Knicks Could Be Trouble For Teams In The Playoffs


If you trust Phil Jackson’s opinion on basketball, then prepare yourself to see the Knicks pull off some upsets in the playoffs if they make it. As of right this moment technically they are the 8th seed, but the Hawks have two more games left than the Knicks do this season so anything can still happen. Earlier this week Tyson Chandler felt confident saying the Knicks could surprise people in the playoffs and make a deep run based on how they have played lately. Seems like Phil agrees based on one condition.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Nets Clinch Playoff Berth; Jay Z & Beyonce Courtside With Champagne & Lollipops

IFWT_B and J Nets 1

Brooklyn stand up!  Congrats to the Nets! They clinched a playoff berth by beating the Rockets at home for the first time in 11 years, getting 32 points from Joe Johnson in a 105-96 victory last night.  And yes, Hov & B were in the building — sipping on champagne & sucking on lollipops.  Hit the jump for pics…

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NFL: Aaron Hernandez Is Not Allowed To Watch The Patriots Playoff Games


If Aaron Hernandez wants to know the score of the Patriots vs Broncos game this Sunday, he better hope he over hears a guard talking about it. Some inmates get two hours of TV, which is usually from around 6pm-8pm, but Hernandez is under “special management” which means no television at all, and he is not allowed out of his cell at the same time as any other inmate. So he can’t even ask any inmates either. The thoughts in his head must be crazy right now because if not for the circumstances that he involved himself in, he would be on the field this Sunday with a chance to play in the Super Bowl. I am sure someone in the jail will get word to him about the outcome of the game.

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NFL: Fanatic?? NFL Fan Brings Lawsuit Against The League For What?


Some fans are just way too much. Of course it is cool to be passionate about your favorite team, but sometimes you have to re-evaluate your priorities in life. This NFL fan, Daniel L. Spuck, who happens to be a Steelers fan, brought a lawsuit against the league last week for allowing the San Diego Chargers to make the playoffs. This dude really thought he was going to be able to stop the playoffs, lol. Hit the jump to see the case he tried to make.

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NFL: Roger Goodell Considering Friday & Monday Playoffs Idea

IFWT_Roger g 11

I’m all about this idea!  Anything to have more football!! NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appeared Tuesday at the 92nd Street Y on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and talked the future of playoffs. Check out what he had to say…

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Sports: Updated NFL Playoff Schedule

IFWT_NFL playoffs

I can’t believe the NFL season is almost over.  What will I do on Sundays?!  You would think I’d be used to this same dilemma every year. SMH. Welp, let’s enjoy what we have left.  It’s down to 8 team/4 games.  Check out the schedule for the upcoming weekend after the jump…

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NFL: After A Crazy Sunday, The NFL Playoff Picture Is All Set


WOW! What a final day of the season. Two games literally came down to the end with everything on the line with the Packers vs Bears and the Cowboys vs Eagles. Once those games ended everything was set in place for the playoffs which will start next week. I am sure Cowboys fans are still picking their jaw up from the floor after watching a different quarterback end the game the same way they are used to seeing Tony Romo do it, with a game losing interception. Hit the jump for the playoff schedule.

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