(Video) Pleasure P Says Trey Songz And Security Threatened Him

Uh oh, things got a little heated between R&B singers Trey Songz and Pleasure P. Well atleast thats what P says. He posted a video saying that song and his security had threatened him. Pleasure P soon deleted the video but you know someone caught it before it was taken down.

(Video) Pleasure P Slams Other R&B Artists Saying They Don’t Support The Genre

The current state of R&B music has been a hot topic for quiet some time now. While some people believe that R&B is still a popular others believe it’s popularity is long gone. One of these people who believe R&B is dead is singer/songwriter Pleasure P. In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes Pleasure P shared his feelings about just why R&B is now longer a thriving genre. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Pleasure P Claims He Was Teaching Tyga A Lesson With Transgender Diss

If you remember, Pleasure P had some choice words against Tyga after rumors started to float around claiming he had a relationship with transgender model Mia Isabella. The former “Pretty Ricky” singer sat down with VladTV to explain why he said what he did. He explained how him and Tyga were supposed to shoot a video for their single together “I Love Girls” but it didn’t happen because the rapper claimed to be working with Chris Brown. At that time, there were rumors going around about Pleasure P, saying he abused a young child and that’s the real reason why he believes Tyga distanced himself. The transgender situation was similar to his own which made him feel like he should teach him a lesson and show him how easy it was for someone to start rumors that could damage your career. Watch the full clip below!

Shots Fired! Pleasure P Takes Jabs At Tyga Over Transsexual Sex Scandal

Pleasure P had has fair share of headlines years back, when he was accused of child molestation, resulting in him being kicked out of his then-group, Pretty Ricky. He has since cleared the charges, but now he’s throwing stones at someone else caught up in a scandal. Seems a little suspect to me but okay… In a serious of various photos and videos, P has taken tons of shots at Tyga for the current situation he’s going through – being accused of having an affair with a transsexual model for the last 2 years. In one of his videos, Pleasure P explains that his jabs are because back when he was in his scandal, Tyga apparently pulled out of a single they were working on, costing him a ton of lost revenue. Not sure if he’s talking about his 2012 single “I Love Girls” that featured Tyga (the irony…) or something that never materialized.

Pleasure P Admits He Was Heartbroken Over Bria Murphy And Speaks On The Break Up

They say when a heart breaks, it don’t break even, And it seems as though Marcus Cooper (otherwise known as Pleasure P) is finding out the hard way. He dated Eddie Murphy’s gorgeous daughter Bria Murphy for two years before going through a break up that left him heart-broken and eventually inspired his upcoming album, Marcus Cooper. This morning, Marcus dropped by a radio show and showed his vulnerable side as he dished on his split with Bria, as well as if allegations of child molestation had anything to do with the break up. He also admitted that he cried when it was over but it fueled inspiration for a lot of records that are on his upcoming disc. Peep highlights of his interview after the jump Quay

(Video) Marcus Cooper (aka Pleasure P) – I Love Girls

Guess this former Pretty Ricky singer wants to put any gay rumors to rest? LOL! Pleasure P, who’s now going by his government name of Marcus Cooper, prepares for his forthcoming sophomore album with his newest release, set to premiere on 106 & Park later today. Check out his ode to the women girls below. Marisa Mendez

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