(Video) Oh Man: Desiigner Catches Pokemon Just Like He Raps!

Desiigner is one energetic person let me tell you lol. He goes on a Pokemon hunt with GQ and his tactics are no different than how he performs on stage.

(Video) Plies Is Not Here For Pokemon In His Bedroom

Plies says all that Pokemon action needs to stay out of his bedroom. Plies says the next time he catches a Pokemon in his bedroom its going down.

(Video) 2 Friends Get Paid To Train People On How To Play Pokemon Go

For some, this is probably the funnest job ever. 2 Friends get paid to train people to play Pokemon Go. In a video, we can see two friends explaining how the training works.

New Hampshire Police Are Using The Pokemon Go Game To Lure In Fugitives

Pokemon Go has become an obsession to some players. Many people suspend every ounce of common sense that that have just for the game and find their selves in sticky situations. There are stories of people falling off cliffs, some players have been shot and others are even being lured into traps because they want to “catch em all.” This past week, New Hampshire police department decided to take advantage of the Pokemon Go game and jokingly tried to bait wanted criminals with the game.

(Video) Central Park Gets Filled With Pokemon Players

Central Park was filled with Pokemon players as people were playing together. You would have thought it was a festival the way people were out there.

Florida Man Shoots At Two Teens Playing Pokemon Outside Of His Home

People are truly getting carried away with this Pokemon stuff. People are discovering dead bodies, and even catching their mates cheating. A 37-year-old man says he spotted two teens, ages 16 and 19 sitting in a white car outside of his home at about 1:30 a.m. He heard a loud noise which prompted the man to go outside armed with a gun.

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