(Video) Disturbing Helicopter Footage Catches Tulsa Police Gun Down Unarmed Man

I don’t even want to do this post, this is just..sickening. Speechless.

Police Patrol Ambushed With Gun Fire In Philadelphia, 7 Shot, 1 Dead

At or around 11:20pm last night in Western Philadelphia a police patrol was ambushed with gunfire. Seven people including two officers were injured after the ambush led to a shootout which left the suspect as well as one civilian dead. Police found a note from the suspect after the scene which stated that he hated police and probation officers. For more details check in after the jump.

(Video) A Chicago Cop Shoots And Kills A Teen Back In 2012 Then Locks Up His Best Friend For The Murder

This right here is crazy! Tevin Louis is currently serving a time in jail for the murder of his best friend. The plot twist is that a Chicago police officer is the one who pulled the trigger.

Graphic: (Video) Police Body Camera Shows A Tennessee Police Officer Fatally Shooting A Man Holding A Hammer

Video footage from a police officers body cam showing a man being fatally shot by police has been released. In the video Tahlequah, Tennessee police officers are in the home of a man and appear to be responding to a complaint from the ex wife of the suspect. In the video the officers are following the man into what appears to be a garage. The man ends up picking up a hammer. The altercation ended with the man being fatally shot to death by the responding police officers on camera. Check in after the jump for the video. Warning, the video is very graphic.

Malia Obama Reportedly At A Party That Was Shut Down By Police

While in West Tisbury, Malia Obama was partying it up until the men in the blue and red lights showed up. West Tisbury police would not confirm whether or not Malia was there with their own mouths due to “national security” reasons but there are reports of the secret service getting Malia right on out of there once police showed up.

(Video) Footage Shows Police Repeatedly Punching Bronx Man Who Is Already Restrained

A video has now spiraled around Instagram of police punching on a Bronx man who is clearly already on the ground. In the video we see the officers repeatedly throwing blows at the man as he is already physically restrained.

(Video) Baltimore Police Officers Get Fired After Federal Reports Alleges Excessive Force

The Justice Department and Baltimore police have decided that they will negotiate court-enforceable reforms after a federal report was released. The scathing report criticizes police for excessive force and routinely discriminating against blacks.

(Video) New Black Panthers Leader Has A Change Of Heart About Police

Leader of the New Black Panthers movement, Ali Muhammad, was robbed at gunpoint. While the robber took everything Muhammad has, he did not take his phone. He quickly called police who caught the 18-year-old robber.

Florida Caretaker Charles Kinsey Sues Officer That Shot Him

A few weeks back, the Florida care taker who was assisting an autistic man was shot while laying on the ground. As Charles Kinsey recovers from his wound he plans to sue the officer responsible.

North Miami Police Commander Won’t Face Charges In Therapist Shooting

Miami Police Commander Emile Hollant apparently won’t receive any charges after giving out false information about the shooting of behavioral therapist Charles Kingsley.

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