(Video) Vic Mensa Detained By Police For Stealing… Aka Spending $4,000 At Barneys

Vic Mensa talks about the current police issues in his recent “There’s Alot Going On” tape. It just so happened recently, that police came his way accusing him of “stealing” from Barney’s.

(Video) Police Officer Harasses Woman as She Calls 911

A woman was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation which she said she didn’t do so when the officer began to try to arrest her she called 911.

(Video) 5-Year-Old Son Of Woman In Standoff With Baltimore Police Shot In Crossfire

A woman in Baltimore was involved in a nearly seven-hour long standoff with police in her apartment yesterday, which ended up in her 5-year-old son getting shot as well. She was holding him when police shot her, and he is now in the hospital. Check out video of the scene below, as well as a video the woman recorded from inside the house, prior to her death.

(Video) Another Cop Not Facing Charges

. Texas cop not facing charges after begin arrested.

(Video) SMH: Detroit Officers Punch Man In The Head And Groin During Traffic Stop

When is this going to end?! Caught on video by an eye witness, Detroit officers punch a man in his head and his groin during a traffic stop. The video was taken by someone who was actually in the car during the encounter. The police say the arrest of Tony Ross that was caught on video does not show the whole story.

NBA: Carmelo Assists In Los Angeles Town Hall Discussion For Community Peace

Way to go Melo! This is what we need! Activism and celebrities using their status for the betterment of police-community relations! Keep reading to see what Anthony had to say.

(Video) NFL: Police Body-Cam Traffic Stop With Colts Robert Turbin

Not all cops are bad, you have to know that…in case you were on the fence, here is one instance. Colts RB, Robert Turbin pulled over for running a stop sign, weed found in the car…and all he gets is…

(Video) Footage Surfaces Of A Black Teacher Being Violently Arrested In Austin

26-year-old black elementary school teacher Breaion King was yet another victim of police brutality. In a video, we see King being thrown to the ground twice by a police officer who’s name is Bryan Richter . In one video, we even hear the police telling King that people are afraid of black people because of their “violent tendencies.”

(Video) Real…Or Real Stupid? Watch These Cops In Uniform Hit A Blunt!

In Colorado, it is fully legal to smoke weed in the open. However, does that make it okay that cops hit the blunt while on duty? I mean, alcohol is legal too…I wouldn’t want someone drunk attempting to do a job for me. The same goes for someone being high. Check out the video of two Colorado cops smoking below, and let us know your thoughts!

(Photos) Police Looking For Burglar Who Robs While Wearing A Donald Trump Mask

Not to be confused with the Las Vegas man wearing Obama and JFK masks, but this guy just got away with a huge robbery (for now) while rocking either the most loved or most hated man in America right now’s face.

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