(Video) State Trooper Watched A Stolen Car Sink In A Pond Killing Everyone Inside

A State Trooper is now actually being praised for watching a stolen car sink in a pond killing everyone on the inside. State Police Capt. David Candelaria called the officers actions “heroic.”

(Video) Oh My Goodness: Trey Songz’s Private Pool Party Turns Into A Brawl

Seems like Trey Songz’s pool part turned into a boxing match after there were multiple fights reported. The fights included a twerking session gone wrong and a smack down between an upcoming rapper and rapper Shy Glizzy. You would have thought things went well as video footage surfaced of Trey having fun throwing woman in the pool. His party had a Drake episode.

Oh My: Kanye And Kim Are Getting A Lake Built In Their Backyard

Kanye and Kim have decided to go big and dump their pool for a lake. Sheesh! Sources say the lake will be 5 times bigger than any other backyard pool in their neighborhood. I mean this is nice and all, but this is definitely gonna raise a few eyebrows and scratch a few chins due to the fact that Ye’ keeps throwing this debt thing around.

Kanye West Talks WAVES, Wiz Khalifa, His Pool And More

With just one week left until the release of what Kanye West calls, “one of the greatest” albums of all time, Ye’ put a call into Big Boy’s radio show earlier this week to chop it up about everything that’s been going on with him lately. From the new album, which is currently title-less (again), to his beef with Wiz Khalifa and who’s pool is actually bigger between him and Drake, Kanye shared all the juicy details. Read more below.

8 Foot Crocodile Found Swimming In Florida Keys Backyard Pool

What would you do if you woke up to look at the beautiful Florida sunshine state weather, maybe think about going to lay out for a bit, catch a tan, go swimming…and than you find this godzilla like creature staring at you from inside of your own pool? He violated. Hit the jump for the full story.

A Stranger’s Body Found Dead In Demi Moore’s Pool

Last night a man drown at the home of actress Demi Moore. According to reports the man was found early Sunday morning. Police are investigating.

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