New Jersey Man Poops His Pants So Police Wouldn’t Arrest Him

A New Jersey man by the name of Kyle Chambliss had a rather distasteful encounter with police last weekend. Police responded to a report of a disorderly man around 4:21 a.m. on Sunday. Upon arrival, they found Chambliss talking really loud on his cell phone.

(Photo) A Woman Shares A Story About Pooping On A Date

Have you ever experienced having to poop while on a date? If you haven’t, I’m sure you one day will! For one woman, she actually took the chance and pooped in her date’s home. The story got really detailed and took a turn for the worst when she could not flush the toilet! Mind you, she is sharing this story on Twitter. Find out what the woman did after the jump!

(Video) Order Someone A Package Of Feces For The Holidays! … I’m Serious

Know someone you really don’t like? Or someone’s been real naughty this holiday season? Well now you can forget the coal and just order them a nice wrapped box of feces! WOO! Okay okay enough, I wish this was a joke but people will really make a come up off anything nowadays, that includes selling a healthy pile of feces, from a variety of animals, to anyone on your list. This holiday season just got really, really exciting… to say the least.

(Photos) Florida Shoplifter Smears Poop in the Face of Accusers

Florida Shoplifter Smears Poop in the Face of Accusers–yes you read that right! Now we all know the pressure of holiday shopping gets crazy but this definitely takes the cake for this season’s wildest retail FAIL.

(Video) LMAO! Survival Guide To Taking A Dump At Work!

This is dumb funny, yet very real, follow the steps in the video below to make an uncomfortable moment more..livable.

(Warning*18+ Strong Stomach*Video) Shorty Literally NOT Clean When Showing Off Booty!!!

Ummmm, this just turnt my stomach up, on its side. This is why you have to have a limit on drinks for certain people o_o

(Video) This Runner Does WHAT To Her Neighbor?!

Click the jump to see what this woman REPEATEDLY does to her neighbor on her morning jog!

(Video) Ewwww!!! Can You Believe THIS Chick?! #YouNastyGirl

DI-SGUST-TING….I mean Shorty Just quickly pulls her pants down, and lets a squishy mess out….I can’t Even Believe this, In a Grocery Store no less….CLEAN UP on Aisle 1 #DiarrheaMuch 0_0

WTF!!! THIS Government Will Mail You Dog Doo?!

Do you pick up your dog’s poop when you take them to the park or for a walk?? If you don’t pick it up, then it’s feasible that your dog’s feces can be mailed to you!

(PHOTO) NBA: YUCK!!! Roy Hibbert Catches Woman & Posts Picture of Her Doing WHAT?!

Oh my.  SMH.  Ladies, please, you gotta be better than this!  While Roy Hibbert was on his way to dinner the other night, he spotted a woman doing something in public…in broad daylight…and it’s disgusting!!  Good thing he caught it on camera & shared it with us. Lol. Check it out…

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