Nipsey Hussle Arrested For Possession Of Codeine

Following a traffic stop, rapper Nipsey Hussle, real name, Ermias Asghedom was arrested in Burbank, California. More down bottom.

Lil Reese Arrested For Felony Possession Of WHAT?!?!

According to a report from XXL, Chiraq rapper Lil Reese was allegedly arrested for felony possession of a firearm. So far, it looks like his bail is set for $50,000. More on Lil Reese’s legal troubles after the jump.

Lil Resse Arrested…AGAIN!

GBE member, Lil Reese has done it again! His career barely has set in, and he’s been arrested on numerous occasions. This time it’s for possession of the green lady, Mary Jane! Hit the jump for more details.

Our Nation’s Capitol Decriminalizing Pot Possession?!?!?

Announcing on Wednesday, Washington D.C. is considering decriminalizing the possession of marijuana. It’s called the Simple Possession of Small Quantities of Marijuana Decriminalization Amendment Act, and it removes criminal penalties for having less than how much pot on you??

Too $hort Charged For DUI Incident!!

Earlier we reported that Too $hort was arrested for a DUI, yet even after trying to run away from the cops he managed to beat all felony charges. Unfortunately, Mr. $hort was hit with four misdemeanor charges by the L.A. City Attorney, two counts of DUI, one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of Marijuana or an open container while driving. The hearing is set for April 15th, hopefully his legal team can save him. Too $hort maintains that the meth found in the back of his cruiser did not belong to him. Hit the jump for more.

@LisaEvers Snaps Exclusive Photos Of The Security Guard Who Got Fired For ONE Blunt

This dude is crazy! LOL! Smoking that ganga will get you in all kinds of trouble. 26-year-old Sami Omar of North Bergen NJ is a security guard who was suppose to be watching out for terrorists on the George Washington Bridge, but instead was blowing one in the air. When questioned by police, Omar said that the smell was from a SKUNK! You know that statement landed him an arrest record for marijuana possession and other charges. Funny! The even funnier thing is the amount he was packing. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Woman Tries To Hide Needle In Her…Yea,That Didn’t Work Out!!!

Group of people arrested due to drug possession, hit the jump to see where this lady went wrong!

Ja Rule Will Be Let Out Of Jail WHEN ?!?!

Ja Rule was released from prison about a week ago on his possession charges, but he was released right back for tax evasion. He’s been given ANOTHER release date. Drop down bottom to know when your homeboy’s getting out.

Whoa!! Twilight Star Arrested For Cocaine And Meth Possession!!!?

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Twilight series, but it’s definitely shocking to find out that one of the stars got arrested for major drug charges. One of the actors from the series was recently arrested for public intoxication, as well as cocaine and meth possession. Click below to find out which person it is and for more details. Melissa Nash

Woman Arrested For Masturbating A Her Local Starbucks

Jennifer Piranian, was caught high on crack and decided that a good place to handle her “personal business” was at a Starbucks in Brandeton,FL. The police received a call stating that “She was high on crack, masturbating, with her hands going everywhere.” FunkFlex

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