(Video) LMAO: ‘SNL’ Crew Pranks New Yorkers In Hilarious Tourist Skit!

The Saturday Night Live cast has taken their talents to the streets of new York City, and have pranked any helping residents that have fallen into their ‘Tourist’ trap. Watch as New Yorkers get fooled by fake tourists in “need”, in this hilarious skit below!

(Video/Pics) NBA: Jay Z & Beyonce Laugh As Brooklyn Nets Pranked Drake

Jay Z, Beyonce AND Drake were all courtside for game 6 between the Nets & Raptors.  We shared some pics on Saturday, but what you may not of seen was the Nets playing a joke on Drake —- and Hov & B getting a good laugh outta it (yea, you see that pic above — that was their reaction).  Whoever came up with this idea has a great sense of humor, even though Drake wasn’t amused at all.   Check out what happened…

(Video) MLB: Hilarious! Robinson Cano Pranks Yankee Fans Ahead of His Return To Yankee Stadium!

I know I should be bitter he left my Yankees, but I really just like the guy.  Well Robinson Cano knows that not all Yankees fans will be nice to him when he returns to Yankee Stadium today.  Last night he appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon & they pulled a pretty funny joke on Yankees fans. Yankees fans think that they’re booing a cardboard cutout of Robinson Cano – until the real Cano steps out from behind it and surprises them. Check it out…

(Video) LOL! See How Cameron Diaz And Leslie Mann Pranked Kate Upton!!

Cameron Diaz has known to be prankster and it hasn’t stopped the actress over the years. Recently stopping by Seth Meyers with her “Other Woman” Co-star, Leslie Mann and spilled about how they pranked Sports Illustrated Model, Kate Upton.

(Video) Pranks Gone Wrong: THIS Is What Happens When You Play With The Wrong ONE!!!

This picture should be easily recognized. One guy got his internet fame at the expense of his jaw. A corny prank on the wrong crowd gained him a right hook to the face, a fall to the ground, and eventually stitches. Check it out after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Blacked Out Birthday Boy Wakes Up Sky-Diving While IN THE AIR!

Talk about a birthday for the books. Josh Paler Lin’s friends wanted him to have such a memorable birthday that they made him sign a waiver a few days prior. After getting completely obliterated, Lin woke up from a drunken night after getting thrown out of a plane while in the air. What a way to wake up! Prior to pushing him out of a flying aircraft, Josh’s friends put ear plugs in his ears, dressed his unconscious body in the proper gear and attached him to a professional sky-diver. The best part? The whole thing was caught on tape! Check it out below.

(Video) LMAO! Harry Potter ‘Dementor’ Prank Scares The S#*! Out Of By Standers!

This Harry Potter prank has possibly scared the lives of al of those who experienced the hilarious joke! FouseyTube is back at it again and this time, with the help of a Dementor, and an enchanting spell, the pair have scared the soul of all of those in sight. Check out the hilarious clip below!

(Video) What Is ‘Cell Phone Crashing’ And Why Is It So Funny?!?

Talking on the phone in public is hard enough with the background noise — especially in the city. But think about it from another perspective. How would you react to someone being ridiculously loud on the phone and they’re near you? For example: while on the bus, in an office, or home, someone decides to unofficially include you in their phone convo (by talking loud on the phone around you). Instead of taking the traditional route of asking them to quiet down, why not have fun at their expense? Hit the jump for the full scoop.

(Video) Prison Break Prank Leaves Onlookers In Awe!

This prank has left bystanders in panic, as an alleged officer, and man posing as a convict take to the streets for some community work, but cause mayhem instead! Witnesses became very anxious, after the supposed cop, begins to argue into a phone, quitting his job, leaving the convict to roam around the streets, a “free man”. Check out the hilarious clip below!

(Video) NASCAR: Jeff Gordon Pranks Journalist With Fake High Speed Police Chase

This is actually pretty funny!! Racing champion Jeff Gordon teams up with Pepsi MAX to pull a prank on an unsuspecting automotive journalist who had questioned the authenticity of the original “Test Drive.”

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