Tech Talk Toys: Did Mattel Make A Real ‘Hover Board’ From “Back 2 The Future”???

Mattel is at the New York Toy Fair making a lot of noise, people want to know, is it real?? Not likely, it’s a replica, with whoosh sounds giving one the ‘feel’ of flying(or hovering) throughout the air. But it’s cool none the less. Hit the Jump to see the poster board that started this mass hysteria. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Release: @SamsungMobileUS’s Galaxy Note Officially Available Feb 19th!!!

I told you a while back the the Galaxy Note was coming, and it seems like the time is almost upon us for the for the perfect storm of Tablet/Phone to be released to the US, I already told you Feb, But Hit the Jump and Find out How Much it Will run, AND on what carrier!! +TatWZA

Be Sure To Pre-Order @RadioBigBoy’s New Book “An XL Life!”

Shout to Big Boy, dropping a brand new book on December 27th! You can pre-order “An XL Life” now right here! Funk Flex Find Flex on Google+

(Video) Tech Talk Device: @50cent Challenges You To Twist Your Headphones!!!

I mean this Video was actually done prior to My review, But I just saw it in the comments of the Video I posted, and wasn’t sure you guys saw it So I’m posting it, Hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Device: Sync & Street By @50cent Headphones UnBoxing!!!

I posted on the 2 sets Headphones, the “Sync’s”, and the “Street’s”, but the Video is Now here, Hit the Jump and get to watching!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Review: “Street By @50cent” Wired HeadPhones!!!!!

Ah Ha, Ya’ll thought it was a Wrap, NOT!!! We’ve talking Wireless, and I posted the “SYNC’s” last night, But I got the Next Joints for you, The “Street’s By 50” which are Wired!!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA (Photo’s Powered By Samsung Galaxy 10.1)

(Exclusive) Tech Talk Review: “Sync By @50cent” Wireless HeadPhones Gets #IFWT Hands On ‘Em!!!!

I Hit the G Unit, and  am SO Excited about this, I mean I’m Already a Technology Junkie, and lately there has been a lot of talk about the NEW “Wireless Hybrid Headphones” with Kleer Technology, and I got to put my Hands on em 1st, well after 50 and his Staff of Coarse, But Hit the Jump and let’s get it started!!!! +TatWZA (Photo’s Powered By Samsung Galaxy 10.1)

Tech Talk Device: Is This The Best Android Tablet???

People are up in arms about Tegra 3, The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime is now available for Pre Order, which if you look at this image, it’s expected to be released December 8th, so If you don’t know about it like that, Hit the Jump for some Video Action!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Shopping: @50Cent’s NEW Sync HeadPhones Available For Pre-Order!!!

Ok once again, @DjJuanyto usually posts HeadPhones, But since I originally posted on this, I felt like I should follow Through!! Although I was waiting to hear about a Review(from the Homie Money Nels), I hadn’t heard back from them, it’s cool, I’ll Def still gonna let you know as much as I can, And I just saw 50 tweeted a few minutes ago, that it’s time t get ready to go shopping, Hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk LIVE TV: Is Boxee Looking To Take Down Cable Companies???

If your like me, Cable companies are only good for Internet Connections now a days, You now have the Luxury of Netflix, Hulu, and Boxee, for all kinds of content, but people have still been wanting LIVE TV with that content, Well Boxee is the 1st one to come up with a Possible solution, Hit the Jump to know if you’re interested or not! +TatWZA

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