U.S. Troops Kill Key ISIS Member In Syria

_U.S. Troops Kill Key ISIS Member In Syria

U.S. government officials have confirmed that a key senior ISIS commander named Abu Sayyaf, has been killed by U.S. Special Operations forces during a raid in eastern Syria. Read more on the story after the jump!

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(Video) Obama’s Campaign Uses Drakes’s Motto And Goes Viral? “YOLO MAN”


Obama’s Campaign Uses Drakes’s Motto And Goes Viral? The President Is really adamant about getting everyone signed up with a health insurance program.It’s Important everyone who isn’t covered through their parents or employer do so by Sunday February 15. If people do not sign up by this date they will be slapped with a hefty fine. Obama and Buzzfeed came up with a clever campaign to generate awareness about the Obamacare. In the video you will find President Obama clowning around and being a regular guy. The video has gone viral. However he has received some backlash already. People are saying the president is too relaxed and isn’t “acting presidential.” His response to people judging is simply “Can I Live” He even quotes Drake and says”Yolo Man” lol more info after the jump.

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NFL: President Barack Obama Says He’d Be “Pretty Aggravated” If He Were a Lions Fan

Barack Obama

People are still reeling from the controversial non-call in the Detroit Lions Wild Card game against the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday.  It’s such a big topic that even President Barack Obama weighed in.

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Sports: President Obama Supports Athletes & #BlackLivesMatter Shirts Movement


President Barack Obama has revealed in a recent interview that he extends his support 100% towards the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement and athletes wearing ‘I Can’t Breathe’ shirts.

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(VIDEO) President Obama Urges Illegal Immigrants To “Come Out Of The Shadows And Get Right With The Law”

Barack Obama

Last Night in an address to the nation President Obama delivered his plans for a new immigration policy. Some are calling this new policy one of the boldest moves on immigration of Obama’s presidency. Find out what Mr. President has planned for the future of immigration inside.

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(Video) It’s On Us: President Barack Obama, Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Common, And More Speak Out Against Sexual Violence In New PSA

Kerry Washington It's On Us PSA

In the latest White House Campaign big stars such as Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Common, Questlove, Randy Jackson, and more come together to inform us that “It’s On Us to stop sexual violence.”

The Obama administration has received a big wave of support from organizations like the NCAA who plan to broadcast the message at their championship events.

See the video after the jump!

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(Video) Too Funny! President Obama Raps Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’


These BarackDubs are pretty funny. The latest dub is President Obama rapping Iggy Azalea’s Fancy.

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(Video) Joan Rivers Says President Obama Is Gay, Calls The First Lady A ‘Tranny’

new details about joan rivers last days

Joan Rivers is certainly not afraid to tell us how she really feels, and is no stranger to controversy. According to her, President Obama is gay, and “we all know” Michelle Obama is transgender.

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(Video) NBA: Donald Sterling’s Racist Remarks Even Hit President Obama Who Calls Him Ignorant & Offensive

_President Obama

Yesterday audio was released of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling saying some very racist comments towards black people.  The comments not only hit hard in the sports world, but the world period.  Not only did athletes like Lebron, Shaq and Kobe respond but people in the entertainment industry like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart and more did as well, but that wasn’t the end of it.  Sterling’s disturbing comments also hit our biracial President Barack Obama who gave his thoughts on the matter while all the way in Malaysia.

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NBA: President Obama Says Stephen Curry is “The Best Shooter I Have Ever Seen”


We’ve all watched Stephen Curry in awe as he makes incredible shots each night.  Well now you can add another fan to the list and this one is the commander in the chief.  TNT’s Charles Barkley interviewed President Barack Obama and he made an eyebrow raising claim about Curry.

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