President Obama is Pretty Generous With Money!!

Obama hit up Ted’s Bulletin restaurant in D.C. yesterday where he surprised a group of campaign volunteers who had won an essay contest and left quite the tip for the servers that helped him out. Marisa Mendez

Texas Governor Rick Perry Might Enter The Presidential Race

With only four days remaining until a key Republican straw poll takes place in Iowa, one name not on the ballot is in the spotlight as talk of pending candidacy heats up. That name is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex

Tech Talk Politics: Obama’s 1st Twitter Town Hall With Republican Response!!!!

If your not familiar with a Town Hall meeting, that’s when local politician’s let the public come sit with them and ask questions concerning their neighborhood, And Our Tech Savvy Pres took it Viral!!! He also Battled other Politician’s during that period, Hit the Jump to see how it went down! Tat WZA

Michelle Obama Speaks on Common’s Controversial Visit to the White House

The first lady and the White House were recently under fire for inviting rapper Common to attend their annual poetry reading. Fox News had a whole bunch to say, trying to peg him as a “gangsta rapper” which is absurd! This didn’t jolt Michelle or our President, and Common was still welcomed into the House and performed as planned. The first lady recently spoke about the controversial evening. Find out what her take was after the jump. @MarisaMendez

Ummm…WTF?! Charles Manson’s Lawyer Writes to Pres. Obama to Get Manson Out of Jail

Is this guy as deranged as his client? Well the fact he’s even representing him must speak to that. LOL! He really had the nerve to write to our President asking for mercy on Charles Manson, the famed cult leader responsible for many senseless deaths. Umm…I’m PRETTY sure President Obama has a million and one more important things to do then help you, sir. Read on for details. @MarisaMendez

NFL: Bears fan President Obama is staying neutral & prepares for his Super Bowl bash

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl President Barack Obama won’t get to cheer for his beloved Bears, but he’s throwing a Super Bowl party anyway, his hometown team falling one short of the title game. Which part of Sunday’s activities might give him the most heartburn? The Chicago Bears’ archrivals, the Green Bay Packers, fighting it out with the Pittsburgh Steelers? The Wisconsin sausage in the gift baskets carted in by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett? The pregame interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly?

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