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[Photos] Congrats Are In Order! Kim And Kanye Reportedly Wed In Private Ceremony?!

KimK & Yeezy Wed

Looks like congratulations are in order! Reports are coming in that the Queen of Reality TV Kim Kardashian and Kanye West secretly wed this week in a private ceremony. Get deets inside and what’s next for Mr. and Mrs. West!

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Oh Wow! Kim K and Kanye West Not Telling Guests WHAT Until The Day Of The Wedding?!

Kanye and Kim

I’m actually kind of shocked about this news because Kim has always been the one to love the spotlight, but there’s one thing she decided that she didn’t want anyone to know about her wedding, she hasn’t even told her sisters!
Find out what it could be after the jump…

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(Video) Snapchat Has Competition With Invisibletxt?!!


This seems rather interesting, Invisibletxt boasting that they can send ‘safe and secure’ messages with ‘Patented Technology’. Could this be the grown folks version of snap chat? Hmmm we won’t know until it takes off as it has just launched! Video below can tell you a little more about it!

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Kim K. Was Able To Get Kanye West To Do WHAT!


Everyone knows that Kanye West is a ‘private’ person – unlike his counterpart, Kim – but, Kim was able to convince Kanye to do something that he’d said he wouldn’t. Drop down bottom to see what it is.

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(Photos) Kanye West Has Come Back To The World Of Twitter…Are These Words Of Wisdom ???


Kanye is known for being VERY private. So, when it comes to his twitter account he hasn’t been saying too much…until today. Drop down bottom and check it out.

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(Photos) Hotel Under The Sea!


Only a creative yet billion-dollar-mind can whip up a crazy idea like this.  A hotel under the water off the coast of Fiji!  Forty feet under water it would contain 25 suites, a gym, restaurant, and of course a bar.  Imagine sleeping and opening your eyes to stare into the eyes of a shark. Hmmm, yes you would have to have some courage to sleep 40 feet underwater , without the thoughts of Jaws or Deep Blue Sea.  Hit the jump for example photos and for how much it would cost to stay here!

Steph B

It would cost about $15,000 to stay there for a week!

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Tech Talk News: Private Property in Outer Space?

If private ventures start building settlements and factories on the moon, on Mars or on asteroids, someone may also have to build a new legal framework for the exploitation of those extraterrestrial resources. Experts on both sides of the debate over property rights on other worlds agree that the current rules may not cover the challenges that could crop up on other worlds.

@Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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(Video) Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump & Speaks On Blue’s Name In Unreleased Video

As we reported yesterday, Beyonce launched her own Tumblr site, and has been sharing unreleased pics and videos from her pregnancy and relationship with Jay-Z. One of the videos she shows off her protruding belly, and shares a little insight on Blue’s name. Watch below.

Marisa Mendez

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Hustler Sued For Nearly $20 Million Over Nude Pics Of Murder-Suicide Victim

The family of an ex-model who was killed in a gruesome murder-suicide by her professional wrestler husband is locked in a court battle with Hustler Magazine over its decision to publish nude photos of the woman. Click below to read the rest oft he story.


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