Prodigy of Mobb Deep Announces Cookbook & Follow-Up Memoir

Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy announced today the release of two books in 2016. Writer, author and all-around badass (because she’s awesome and also happens to be my mentor), Kathy Iandoli, will be collaborating with him to help write them. Commissary Kitchen will be part cookbook, part anecdotal storybook, and it will detail Prodigy’s prison experience through his meals. Some of the recipes will be classic prison offerings, while others will serve as the catalyst for greater stories throughout his three years prison term. In The State vs Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, the rapper will chronicle the overall prison experience, the challenges of life after prison and the effects that the prison term has had on his personal life and career. Prodigy and Iandoli will also dissect the dichotomy of what happens when a public figure enters and exits the prison system. The two books are slated for release in the second half of 2016.

Mobb Deep’s Label Is Robbing One Of Its Members Of 50% Of His Solo Royalties

A 1995 deal with Universal Music, formerly BMG, has Mobb Deep’s Prodigy filing court papers as he is owed almost $60K in royalties. The “Power Rap” rapper says that the label is snatching 50% of his solo royalties from projects outside of the group. Find out more after the jump.

(Audio) There May Be A New Mobb Deep Album On The Way

Mobb Deep fans unite as the duo from Queens readies the release of a new album. While Prodigy and Havoc have worked on their own separate albums – with Prodigy currently working on The Hegelian Dialectic – this will make their ninth studio album together. The yet to be titled piece of work is tentatively slated for a 2016 release. Hit the jump for more.

The RapFest Launches With SmokeDZA, Prodigy Of Mobb Deep & Delorean On MTV [Series One]

The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. The RapFest is OFFICIALLY here! With the teasers and snippets already receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike, the innovative cipher series looks to push the culture forward digitally and creatively with its premiere on MTV Jams today, September 2nd, at 10am EST and re-airing again throughout the day at 6pm and 10pm. Lyrical titans Smoke DZA and Prodigy of Mobb Deep are paired with hungry newcomer DeLorean of Houston, TX, a perfect way to introduce such a monumental platform. Production for Series 1 was provided by our very own RapFest member, AListFame. As members continue to pour in for opportunities to join future ciphers, look forward to seeing some of the best undiscovered talent the world has to offer, paired with some of rap’s brightest stars. Now it is time to find out what all the hype is about! Artists and producers — sign up today! More down bottom.

(Video) The RapFest Series 1 Teaser Ft. Smoke DZA & Prodigy #JoinTheCipher

Next Tuesday on September 2nd, the RapFest prepares to debut the premiere episode of the groundbreaking cipher series that is set to change the landscape of digital media as we know it. Taking all of the elements that made its predecessors so successful, the RapFest, which is a membership-based digital platform, is designed to bridge the gap between new artists, producers, and today’s top-tier Hip-Hop talent looks to bridge the gap in ways never before seen. Premiering on all major web platforms as well as MTV Networks, the inaugural episode features Hip-Hop heavyweights Smoke DZA, Prodigy of the legendary Mobb Deep group, and the RapFest’s UpNext artist named Delorean of Dallas, Texas. Catch a sneak peak below and make sure you sign up HERE.

(Video) A Game Changer: Introducing ‘The RapFest Super Trailer’

Living in a generation where everyone is trying to make it in the music business, the time is right to introduce a complete industry game changer. Enter The RapFest – a membership- based digital platform that is designed to bridge the gap between new artists, producers, and some of today’s top Hip-Hop talent by incorporating ciphers, networking tools, and marketing campaigns. Recently launching with pre-registration options, RapFest will quickly become an innovative platform responsible for shifting digital media into a new direction. Check out the super trailer below along with some more details explaining exactly what The Rapfest consists of.

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