(Video) Woman Becomes NYC’s 1st ‘Professional Cuddler’

Ummmm, this is def different, professional cuddling? So you will be charged to have a loose spooning session with her?! I guess.

(Photos) Professional Cuddler???

Cuffing season is here and there are still some lonely souls out here regretting not looking for someone mid-summer.  Well you are in luck! This young woman’s career is to be a professional cuddler.  Yes, she gets paid to cuddle and spoon with her clients.  Jackie Samuel charges $60 an hour to cuddle with her clients. Hit the jump Steph B

Tech Talk Camera: Sony’s HXR-NX30 Has A Built-In Projector & 96GB’s Of Storage!!!

Last week I shared a Great Slo-mo Camera, but it was a bit expensive(Def out of My price-range), but this $2500 beauty is much better for My pockets. Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

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