(Video) Professor Who Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Now Predicting He Will Be Impeached

American University professor Allan Lichtman is known as “Prediction Professor.” Sounds funny but this man actually pretty legit for now at least. According to the New York Times, “only one major political historian, Allan Lichtman, had predicted that Trump would win.” So far he is 9 out of 9 since 1984. He’s been predicting this for over 30 years.

(Video) Bars: Philly College Professor Disses Drake Hard!

This guy goes in for his city and against Drake pretty hard. Philly showing they still got their man Meek Mill’s back. Check it out below.

Texas Professor Quits Instead Of Working With Armed Students

Starting in August 2016, Texas’s new “campus carry” law will allow those with concealed carry licenses to carry guns into the buildings and dormitories of Texas colleges. So, obviously there’s significant disdain for this decree by lawmakers. One opponent is a prominent professor at the prestigious university.

(Video) Stephen Hawking Stuns The Science World By Saying ‘There Are No Blackholes’

Considering Prof. Hawkking has been a man into Black Holes for most of his career, this is def a change in his tune.

CONGRATULATIONS! Nas Honored As The ‘Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship’!

Nas has yet to win certain music awards, however that has yet to deter him, and he’s still getting GREAT recognition! The almost 20-year MC is being honored by the Hip-Hop Archive and the W. E. B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University to create a fellowship. Artists as well as scholars with mind-blowing abilities to create and showcase there talent within the arts, in connection with hip-hop will have the opportunity to get in on this. These artists and scholars will show that, “education is power,” via manuscript projects, performance pieces, album work, curriculum planning, primary archival research, and exhibition preparation. Marcyliena Morgan, Professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard University and founder and director of the Hip-Hop Archive and Research Institute states committing, “to build and support intellectually challenging and innovative scholarships that reflects the rigor and achievement of hip-hop performance.” Morgan adds, “With the introduction of the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship, we will continue to be the leading resource for those interested in knowing, developing, building, maintaining, and representing hip-Hop.” This is fantastic! Nas’ intellect has allowed someone else the opportunity to go about the dreams within hip-hop. Hit the jump to see what else was said about the influential artist and this fellowship.

WTF!? Apple Is Being Sued By WHAT School!?!?

Boston University recently filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming the electronic giant infringed on one of its patents. The University is saying that one of its professors, Theodore D. Moustakas filed a patent in 1997 for a semiconductor that creates blue LED lasers.

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