Guess How Much Future’s Latest Album Is Expected To Sell In Its First Week!

It’s looking like Future will be getting his fourth number one album in a row at the end of this week!

And It’s Just A Mixtape! Guess How Much ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late’ Is Projected To Sell!

Drake pulled a Beyoncé on Thursday, and out of nowhere, dropped a “mixtape” on iTunes…which is basically a full-length studio album that he’s just calling a mixtape. Now just like Bey as well, Drizzy is on pace to make a KILLING in sales and place quite high on this week’s Billboard charts. With just 4 days of sales tallied (since Billboard closes each week on Sunday night, and Drizzy released this late Thursday instead of the traditional Tuesday,) If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late will likely sell more than 500,000 copies, easily making it a contender for the number 1 spot. This would make for Drake’s fourth number 1 album. Insane! Can’t wait to see what Views From The 6 does!

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