Uh Oh! Is Lil Wayne Back To Sipping Lean?

TMZ is reporting that Lil Wayne is back to sipping lean consistently. Hit the jump for more.

Rich Homie Quan Releases Official Statement; Denies Lean Allegations

Earlier this week, Rich Homie Quan was making headlines – not for securing a spot on the XXL Freshman cover – but for suffering back-to-back seizures on set of a new music video, and falling and hitting his head. Many immediately speculated that it was related to the consumption of lean, as this has been the cause behind many other health issues for other artists who are fans of the illegal cough medicine. After brief responses via Twitter, Quan has released an official statement, detailing what really happened and denying it being a direct result of lean – though he does NOT deny his usage of it regularly. Check out the full statement below.

Lil Boosie Says DEATH TO LEAN Because It’s Ruining Lives & Hip-Hop!

Lean has taken over the Hip-Hop culture these past few years, causing many rappers to become addicted to the concoction. From song lyrics to music videos, it seems like we can’t get away from the dangerous mixture. Rapper Lil Boosie, who’s a former lean addict, says lean is ruining lives and Hip-Hop and needs to be pulled ASAP from the market. He even revealed that he almost died three or four times from drinking too much lean. Luckily for him, Actavis announced that they will be yanking their super addictive promethazine caught syrup used to make “sizzurp” from the market due to it’s highly addictive and dangerous rep.

WELP: High-End ‘Sizzurp’ Cough Syrup Taken Off The Market For Good!

Rappers world-wide are about to go into panic mode after it was announced that the popular cough medicine called Actavis generally used to make “sizzurp” has been yanked from the market for good after people began abusing the drug for purposes other than a cough. A rep for the company released a statement to TMZ stating, “Given [recent media attention], Actavis has made the bold and unprecedented decision to cease all production and sales of its Promethazine Codeine product.” Artists such as Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy are known for their avid use of the product, too. Although one bottle alone goes for $800 on the streets, rappers are offering up to $100,000 to get their hands on the main lean ingredient! Just a few days ago, Soulja posted a flick onto his Instagram account with SIX bottles of the cough medicine with a caption that reads, “Soulja got the juice. They say the streets dry I say you gotta be kiddin me. I serve everybody.” WELP, looks like you better conserve your bottles because the Actavis days are FINITO! Peep the flicks in the gallery of SB’s promethazine fix/

(Video) ScHoolboy Q Speaks On His Current Lean Usage & Admits It’s Affecting His Sex Life & Rapping

ScHoolboy Q dropped by Hot 97 this week to promote his forthcoming debut album, Oxymoron. During his chat with Angie Martinez, he admitted he’s back on lean after taking a break to record the album, and that it’s greatly affecting his personal life. Picking lean over a woman? That’s kind of crazy! Hear him out below and let us know what you think!

Damn, Mac Miller Was Addicted To What Last Year?!

Mac Miller’s debut album Blue Slide Park dropped in November of 2011, but even though it sold quite well…critics weren’t too easy on it. And at 19 years old (at the time), that’s not the easiest pill to swallow. “Unless you buy into Miller’s persona—and why would you?—Blue Slide Park offers you nothing that you can’t find done more much artfully by, say, Curren$y,” one review read, along with a 1.0 rating. It ended up getting to Mac so badly, he got seriously addicted to something. More info below.

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