(Video) Black Guy Speaks On How He’s Cool With Being Trump’s Property

Recently during one of Donald Trumps rallies in Tampa.

The Government Seizes Stevie J’s Property!

Stevie J has found himself in a bind with child support issues and his tax problems with the government. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip Hop star could potentially lose most of his property if he doesn’t pay his child support.

Sure, Why Not! George Zimmerman Can Get His Guns Back

It’s only right – by law – that, George Zimmerman is allowed his confiscated property back from the Seminole County Sheriff’s office, since he’s no longer facing charges. After girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe dropped all complaints against the extremely lucky criminal, he’s allowed back all guns, cell phones, combination locks and slew of other out-of-ordinary things. Hit the jump for the full list.

WHAT Celeb Is Getting Kicked Out!?!

If you seen National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation, then you’ve seen the massive and luxurious house of Wayne Newton. You may have even seen Newton’s house on television shows, but why would he move out his spectacular estate?

(Video) Lol Peep This !!! Man Pays Off How Much In Taxes With What?!?!

Larry Gasper ran into some property tax trouble, but no worries, He’s Straight! See why after the jump! AliTheGreatest

Tech Talk News: Private Property in Outer Space?

If private ventures start building settlements and factories on the moon, on Mars or on asteroids, someone may also have to build a new legal framework for the exploitation of those extraterrestrial resources. Experts on both sides of the debate over property rights on other worlds agree that the current rules may not cover the challenges that could crop up on other worlds. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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