(Photos) Check Em Out! Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre, The #FlexDreBeats Pros, #SoloSelfies!! FUEGO (@TatWza Voice)

Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre headphones, the #FlexDreBeatsPros, FUEGO aka FIRE!! These custom leather all black with infrared Beats logo Pro’s will def be the center piece of any outfit! At least For about 30 of y’all, because that’s all that will be produced, so if you don’t act fast when they drop, you’re finished!!

(Photos) Check Out The 24 Karat Gold Beats Pro, Only 30 In The World!!!

These are some really DOPE headphones, I mean FIIIIIIRE! Straight 24K Gold(Everything, even the screws), No plastic except for the the connectors that extend the headphone down, and the wire that plugs in, Ostrich skin leather, built for durability and just beautiful!!

The Roots Talk The Pros And Cons Of Being On The ‘Tonight Show’

Questlove and Black Thought of the legendary group The Roots, have taken to HuffingtonPost to discuss their reason for taking the position as Jimmy Fallon’s live band and it didn’t take them longer than 20 minutes to figure it out!

Are Gift Cards Really Worth The Money Spent !?!?

It’s funny that this post came up, because me and a friend was just talking about how she wants a gift card for Old Navy from her brother. She wants the gift card, because if he gave her cash she was going to come up with an excuse to use it on something else. With the holidays in heavy rotation, gift cards on going to be purchased left and right. There are pros to having the plastic gift, but there are also a few cons. Drop down bottom to see what they are. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Debate: Pros & Cons Of Resurrecting Dead Artists As Holograms

After Pac “came alive” at Coachella these past 2 weekends, sparking talk of other artists that can be resurrected as holograms as well, the Jumpoff TV team visited the HQ of the company that did Pac’s hologram and got to debating the pros and cons of doing so. Get into their convo below and share your thoughts in the comments! Marisa Mendez

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