Hot-Dog Hooker Gets Caught Selling Buns For Cash!!!

The notorious Long Island Hot-Dog Hooker, Catherine Scalia, has been busted… again! Answering a call for a masseuse, she wheeled her wiener truck to an East Garden City Motel. But, instead of hooking up, she got hooked by the police and was charged with ‘unauthorized practice and prostitution after offering to perform a sex act for cash.’

(Video) WOW! Zumba Instructor Gets 10 Months In Jail For WHAT !?

Now this is a continuing story that was first covered in November In Flex We Trust and then again in January In Flex We Trust. Since then Alexis Wright, the Zumba Instructor who was involved in a high profile prostitution scandal that included sex videos, adultery, exhibitionism and more than 100 clients was sentenced to 10 months in jail after telling the judge she was happy to have escaped her former life of crime and that she was relieved when her home got raided back in February. She was sentenced under a plea agreement to 20 counts including prostitution, conspiracy, tax evasion and theft by deception. Afterward, she was led from court to begin serving her sentence. See more after the jump….

LinkedIn Finally Bans WHAT Profession?!?!

Welp, Don’t get ‘Linked into some trouble’….Finally LinkedIn is cracking down on their users advertising themselves as prostitutes. Currently, users can list “prostitution” as a skill(Keep That Ish on Craigslist!), although it is actually meant for people working to stop it. Keep reading to find out what the company is doing to stop this practice from taking place.

WOW: East Harlem Man Forces Two Women And 17 Year Old Girl To Do WHAT???

This dude bugging out, A East Harlem man named Taye Ellerby was arrested this past Thursday for forcing two women and a missing 17 year old girl from conneticut to prostitute out of an apartment in Taft houses in Harlem.

(Photos) Damn! This Woman Has Been Arrested Almost 400 TIMES !!!

Shorty is a mental case and then some. How do you get locked up more times than a drug dealer and still eligible for parole?! Shermain Miles, a homeless woman knows the answer all too well. This Chicago (had to be the Chi) woman is known around her neighborhood for pulling all types of tricks and cons, but the thing is, she must NOT be that great at it, because she’s landed a spot in the top 1% for all current Chicago Police Department arrestees. At first I thought this was funny, but as I continued to read up on it, and then took a look at ALL of her mugshots, it became a sad situation! If you’re curious to know how many times this woman has been in police custody, drop down bottom.

Cop Uses Prostitute Right Before Busting Her For Prostitution?!?

A Pennsylvania cop has gone above and beyond for his job; in fact, he takes his dedication so seriously he acts the part 100%. In part of a prostitution bust, the police officer solicited a woman he had seen an ad for on

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