(Video) Fetty Wap Speaks On Oakland Fire And How Upcoming Artist Need To Stay Protected

The other day Oakland experienced a tragic fire that left many dead. The fire took place at a warehouse that apparently was under investigation before. Fetty Wap has now opened up to speak on his struggle days and how he has avoided incidents such as the Oakland Warehouse.

NYC Student Threatens Classmate With Air Gun

The issue of gun violence has gone well beyond getting out of hand with the national violence that’s ben occurring over the past decade. The topic has already trickled down to the youth, our future. Today a twelve year old girl real showed how bad things have gotten.

(Video) R2-D2 From Star Wars Does The #IceBucketChallenge?!

Lmao, this is actually really cool, for a Star Wars loving Geek like myself at least, but I’m sure there are a few of us out there! Anyway, my fav rebel droid ‘R2’ got a R unit head plate full of ice water, with the proper protection of course.

(Video) Condom Commercial Banned Worldwide For Being TOO Creative?!

Oh, the irony. An epic condom commercial promoting safe sex has been banned WORLDWIDE for being too creative and explicit. By far the most amazing condom ad I’ve ever seen. Check it out below!

(Photos) She’s Adorable! Baby North West Makes Her Debut To The World!

Kanye West was a guest on Kris Jenner’s (Kim K.’s mother) new talk show, “Kris,” and after describing how he felt about the little addition to his family, he showed the world what his beautiful little girl looks like – FINALLY! “When my daughter was first born, people ask me how do you feel is everything different? …the thing I think about as a dad is just protection,” Kanye admits to Kris. That’s so cute! Kanye has a soft side. Parenthood will do that to a toughie. Hit the jump and check out the splitting image of Kanye and Kim, baby North West ladies and gentleman.

George Zimmerman Sued By Security Company

And the bad karma keeps on piling up for George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin’s killer just got hit with a lawsuit from the company that provided him security this summer when he was released from jail, because he’s neglected to pay the $67k bill that he racked up with them! SMH! His lawyers had paid up to about $40k, then just simply stopped paying, leaving quite a balance. More info below. Marisa Mendez

Facebook Lets You Manage More Personal Privacy Content

The on going issues with social networking are typically Privacy & Discretion. Facebook deals with a lot of both; which often times becomes more of how they responded rather than what happened. They’ve developed a slew of new features that should help make every users experience a better one. Things you don’t fully understand can be extremely difficult to work with; but knowing something in and out, front to back makes a world of a difference. Facebook takes you into their Newsroom to give you some newly generated tips & tricks to help better your social networking experience! Tat Wza

Multi-Platform Smartphone Security Checklist

The FCC is all about security and protection of personal information. Required on almost all devices, manufacturers put settings into the phone that will allow you to customize certain securities of the device. Often times, users wouldn’t think twice about ‘Virus’ protection on a smart phone or tablet. Its almost not even considered a real threat, because of the exclusivity of the issue. Very rare, and unique how a mobile virus would find its way into your smartphone but it is possible. Security Checklist approved by FCC after the jump. Tat Wza

Get Em While They’re Hot, LifeProof Case For iPhone 5 Now Available!!!

If you haven’t heard about LifeProof cases prepare to be amazed! LifeProof has made cases that you can pretty much put through anything. Water is no longer the ultimate evil to your cellphone, tablet etc. Best Buy just had a MAJOR price drop on ’em as part of their 2-day sale! Don’t miss out on this mega sale… Sure to regret it at these prices. Hit the jump… Tat Wza

(PHOTO) NFL: Michael Vick Preparing For Potential Return

The Eagles have been taking a lot of L’s lately, maybe this can help Vick stay safe &  make a nice comeback?! Michael Vick was sized last night for a protective skull cap that he plans to wear under his helmet (photo in gallery) to safeguard against suffering another concussion. GameTimeGirl

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