(Video) Man Found Guilty For Shooting 5 Black Lives Matter Protestors

Allen Scarsella was found guilty after shooting five black lives matter protesters. Scarsella was convicted on assault and rioting charges. A jury decided that the attack was premeditated and racially motivated.

Baton Rouge Reaches A $100,000 Settlement With Alton Sterling Protesters Over Lawsuit

The city of Baton Rogue has just reached a settlement in a lawsuit that they had with protestors. The city will split approximately $100,000 among more than 90 protesters. Metro Council approved the settlement Tuesday with a 10-2 vote.

Demonstrators Gather In Philly To Protest Meek Mill’s Probation

Not too long ago, Meek Mill admitted that the 29 year-old has been on probation since he was 18! His Philly residents did not like to hear that one bit. Needless to say, they got his back.

(Video) Black Lives Matter Protestors Hug And Pray With Counter Protestors

Well this is a start of something new. In a recent video, we can see a group of Black Lives Matter protestors from Dallas hugging and praying with a group of counter protestors.

(Photo + Video) Trump Protestors Smacked With Smoke Grenades In Clash With Albuquerque Police

A Donald Trump rally turned violent while in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anti-Trump protestors threw objects at police as well as attacked them as the candidate gave his speech.

Tech: Is Verizon Being Sabotaged By Their Union Strikers?!

Verizon has been reporting incidents of network sabotage in areas where former workers are on strike!

(Video) Hillary Clinton Apologizes on Hot 97

1st Bernie, Senator Hillary Clinton was a special guest on Hot 97??. In a phone interview, Clinton called into the “Ebro In the Morning” radio show to address and clarify concerns regarding the 1994 Crime Bill, criminal reform, and the Black Lives Matter Protesters who spoke out at a Hillary Clinton Rally in Philadelphia this past Thursday.

(Video) Black Lives Matter Protestors Take Over Mall Of America

On what could be arguably one of the busiest shopping days of the year, protestors for the Black Lives Matter Movement temporarily shut down the Mall of America o bring awareness to the police shooting of 24 year-old Jamar Clark. Clark was fatally wounded by police responding to an assault complaint in Minneapolis. Read more below.

(Video) Bill Maher On College Protestors: “Who Raised These Little Mosters?”

Several colleges have made it their business to stand up for racism as they have conducted many protests and walkouts. The spark that feuled these angry students stemmed from protests lead by The University of Missouri students upon the resignation of their President Tim Wolfe and also a race incident that had occurred at Yale University. Apparently Bill Maher had a lot to say about these protest and the people engaging in them calling them “Little Monsters.” SMH!

(Video) Rihanna Bombarded By Anti-Fur Protestors At Macy’s Lauch Of Her New Fragrance

During the Macy’s launch of her brand new fragrance “RiRi” Rihanna was bombarded by anti-fur protestors. A group of angry animal lovers crashed the event shouting “Shame on Rihanna” and holding up signs. The group was quickly escorted out of the store by security. This not the first time the “bad gal” has had a run in with organizations that support animal rights. Back in 2012 she was targeted by PETA for wearing snakeskin boots. Check out the footage below.

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