(Video) Eminem Made Kendrick Lamar Prove He Didn’t Have A Ghostwriter

EminemVEVO In an age of ghostwriters, you can never be too careful who you let on your track. So when Kendrick really first blew up around 2012/2013 Eminem invited him to the studio to be featured on his album MMLP2, but it wasn’t without doing a security check first on K. Dot’s penmanship.

(Fellas Check The Vid!! *18 & Up ONLY!*) Lady Gets Full Blown NAKED In A Courtroom

Damn! A nudist activist goes to another level to prove a point. In the middle of a courtroom she decides to get buck naked to prove that freedom is her right & her body is given to her by God. And yes, she went all out.. or all off. She gets cuffed up, then gets flattered when a man tells her something about her body. It’s hilarious! And you may need to fast forward a bit. Check the video out after the jump. Biz Baby

Brazilian Girl That Sold Virginity,Can’t Prove It!

Catarina Migliorini auctioned off her virginity for $780,000 to a random man from Japan.  She is supposedly going to be giving a large percent of her profit to a charity that will build homes in Brazil.  But check out what experts have said about her virginity. Steph B

NFL: Website Offering $1 Million To Any Woman Who Can Prove They Had Sex With Tim Tebow

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has steadfastly maintained he is a virginliving the high-profile life of a professional athlete. Well, controversial website AshleyMadison.com apparently wants to challenge one of Tebow’s core beliefs. They’re offering up big money to any woman who can prove she has slept with the NFL sensation.

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