HipHopGamer Sees The Future Of Gaming With Playstation NOW, OculusVR & More!!!!

I’ve already shown you how CRAZY #CES2014 was, But One of the Biggest things announced was Sony’s Playstation NOW, an incredible Gaming Streaming Service, that in my opinion WILL change the ‘game’!!

You Can’t Trade In WHAT At GameStop!?!?

GameStop is making room for PlayStation 4, so starting June 1st, GameStop will no longer accept trade ins for PlayStation 2 consoles. The company confirmed that it will stop trade ins for PS2 games, accessories and systems.

Evolution of The PlayStation (Video)

Before Sony announces the PS4 today take a look at the leaps Sony made during its launch of the first Playstation. Take a look at the Evolution.

PlayStation Evolution: PlayStation 2 & PlayStation 3

Sony has released their second & third videos in the series “PlayStation Evolution”, prepping for their major event on Wednesday in which it is rumored that they will announce the PlayStation 4. The videos highlight the both the PS2 & PS3 & their successes. Videos after the jump.

Tech Talk Games: Grand Theft Auto III Turns 10

On October 22, 2001, everything we ever thought we understood about videogames changed. Gamers were looking ahead to the oncoming arrival of the next generation of consoles. Nintendo was one month away from the North American release of the GameCube, an adorable candy-colored travesty that would usher in a half-decade in the cultural wilderness. Microsoft — still the Evil Empire in those simpler, bygone days — was going to release its own system the same week: A brutal tank-like abomination called the Xbox, which came equipped with a controller that looked like a blunt instrument used by cavemen to crush mammoth skulls. @TatWZA @Yungjohnnybravo

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