Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Demo

The Killzone series returns with a new title Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony debuts some gameplay in a new demo. So far so good for the PS4.

Evolution of The PlayStation (Video)

Before Sony announces the PS4 today take a look at the leaps Sony made during its launch of the first Playstation. Take a look at the Evolution.

PlayStation Evolution: PlayStation 2 & PlayStation 3

Sony has released their second & third videos in the series “PlayStation Evolution”, prepping for their major event on Wednesday in which it is rumored that they will announce the PlayStation 4. The videos highlight the both the PS2 & PS3 & their successes. Videos after the jump.

Super Dope!!! Playstation’s Past, Present, & Future!!!!

Sony is having a major event for the PlayStation brand in NYC this Wednesday that will let us “see the future”. Everyone is speculating that the PlayStation 4 will be announced at this event & now Sony themselves are adding fuel to the fire. They just released a video called “PlayStation Evolution: The Beginning” that looks like it is just the first of series that will continue up to the event. Peep the video after the jump.

PS4 Will Possibly Do WHAT With PS3 Games?!?!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new PlayStation (codename Orbis) that’s due to be announced will stream PS3 games using the streaming service Gaikai that Sony paid $380 million for last year. This goes well with other rumors saying that the new architecture in the PS4 won’t work with PS3 games on-board but could allow emulation through the cloud. To go along with this, there will also be a new high-fidelity version of the PlayStation Eye that will work with the new controller. More details are sure to be known at the PlayStation Meeting this Wednesday, but read the link after the jump to learn more of these rumors.

PS4 Controller Leaks!!!!

It looks like the protoype of the PS 4 thats making the rounds on the net today was just confirmed by IGN that the controller is actucally the real deal. Nothing has been confirmed by Sony but now we know Sony is on track to release a console. Leaked pic after the break.

Sony PS4 To Be Priced At $400?

Ok so yesterday we got the bad news that the Xbox 720 will not be able to play used games, now we get some new info on the the PS4. A new report claims that the PS4 will have a sticker price of $400. The rumor also says the price maybe determined by region and time since Sony plans on releasing the console before the holidays. I know Sony does’nt want the same debacle of a launch when they launched their PS3, at launch time the console went for a much as $500, and the thing sat on shelves.

Sony Announcing PS4 At Feb 20th Event???

Yesterday Sony announced they could have plans on releasing their long talked about PS4. The event in question is on Feb 20th, and Sony has sent out its invitation for the event. Sony could be announcing  anything but the rumors are saying it could be the PS4

New Sony PS4 Specs Leak

So as we all know Sony and Microsoft are suppose to launch next generation consoles this year but we have’nt anything else, no consoles designs, no release dates and no announcement from either companies. However Sony may have beat Mircosoft to the specs battle. New info has hit the next detailing the PS4 specs and what might be under the hood. After the break check the speculated stats for the PS4 Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: PS4 & Xbox 720 Only a Year Away???

The news every gamer has been waiting to hear, its a possibly that the next generation Xbox and Playstation are a year away. Now are we talking 2013 or 2014 is the question since we are in the middle of December.  What might be the key that next generation console are on the way is developers and publishers are currently in the works of making next generation games. They  would’nt be making them if the console wasn’t in the works would they?  At the moment I would think a company like Sony would be releasing it’s PS4 sooner than later since Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii are both hurting the PS3. Yungjohnnybravo x TaWZA

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