(Video) How To Hack Your Weapons For Watch Dogs Gameplay!!

Watch Dogs could possibly be the Game Of The Year, It looks like it’s Ony real competiotion is COD Ghosts(Of course), and No Doubt GTA V…This will be an interesting hardcore gamer year! Hit the Jump, but only if you’re a serious gamer!!

LOL!!! PlayStation Releases An Instructional Video On How To Share Games!!!!

An ad was shown at the E3 event, which was held yesterday in L.A., that gives step by step instructions on how to share games. Clearly a jab at its competitor Microsoft and its new console Xbox One.

Sony Entertainment Announces It Will Create WHAT?!?!?

Today at Sony’s E3 conference, Michael Lynton the Ceo of Sony Entertainment said the company is working on original programming. With the brand new programing the company will bring unique content exclusively to PlayStation Network and PS4 which will be developed with gamers in mind.

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4!!!

Today, Sony revealed a full look at is new game console PlayStation 4. The new game console is sleek, visually impacted, is cloud based and well have more media.

Ubisoft Announces Which Games Are Coming Soon!?!?!

Ubisoft has an array of different games coming out this year, on numerous gaming consoles. Jerry Cantrell, songwriter and guitarist for the group Alice in Chains was on hand to introduce the game, Rocksmith 2014.

EA Is Coming Out With How Many Games For PS4 And Xbox One???

Today, Electronic Arts announced that the company is creating eleven new games of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Some of the titles will be exclusively for Xbox One console.

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