THESE Online Games Will Be Released On PS4!!!

Sony has confirmed that Dc Universe Online will be available for PS4. In fact that will not be the only MMO from the company for Playstation 4.

Infamous: Second Son Releases New Photos For THIS Game Console!!!

Sucker Punch has recently released some new screenshots from its upcoming PlayStation 4 game, InFamous: Second Son. The new game features a new city and cast from the other two Infamous installments.

(Video)The Witness Creator Talks About Being On WHAT???

President of Thelka Inc., Jonathan Blow talks about the new game, The Witness and what it’s like to be a small developer building for the PlayStation 4. Check out the video after the jump. TatWza

You Be The Critic: Hmmm, So Far Which Is Better?!?!

So far Both Next Gen Gaming systems have had a Reveal, ButSony really only revealed the Controller to PS4, and Microsoft has fully shown us the New Xbox One…I def think Microsoft just Blew it away, but up until now people have been shouting PS4 louder….What do you have to say now?!??

(Video) Sony Releases PS4 Teaser!!!!!!

Sony just released a teaser trailer for PlayStation 4. It looks like more information will be revealed during the E3 conference on June 10th.

Assassin’s Creed IV Launches A New Trailer And New WHAT?!?!?

Ubisoft continues to put out trailers for the New game Assasin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This time the trailer focuses on True Story of the Gold Age of Pirates.

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