News Flash: PlayStation 4 Details

Here is Sony’s and SCe Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida after Sony Announces the PS4 with MTV Geek.

Biggest Win From PS4 Announcement Is Playstation Network & Ustream!!!

Sony announced their new Playstation 4 yesterday without actually showing the console. Their presentation included brief descriptions of future features you’ll find on the machine, with short demos of features as well. Pictures in gallery above… Tat Wza

Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Demo

The Killzone series returns with a new title Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony debuts some gameplay in a new demo. So far so good for the PS4.

Evolution of The PlayStation (Video)

Before Sony announces the PS4 today take a look at the leaps Sony made during its launch of the first Playstation. Take a look at the Evolution.

PlayStation Evolution: PlayStation 2 & PlayStation 3

Sony has released their second & third videos in the series “PlayStation Evolution”, prepping for their major event on Wednesday in which it is rumored that they will announce the PlayStation 4. The videos highlight the both the PS2 & PS3 & their successes. Videos after the jump.

Super Dope!!! Playstation’s Past, Present, & Future!!!!

Sony is having a major event for the PlayStation brand in NYC this Wednesday that will let us “see the future”. Everyone is speculating that the PlayStation 4 will be announced at this event & now Sony themselves are adding fuel to the fire. They just released a video called “PlayStation Evolution: The Beginning” that looks like it is just the first of series that will continue up to the event. Peep the video after the jump.

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