President Obama To Public Schools: Allow Trans Students To Use Either Bathroom

What?? Well that’s a new one…I mean I guess the argument is how do you go about deciphering which bathroom a person of transgender should use? President Obama tells the public school systems to allow them to choose for themselves.

FCC Proposes To Fund WiFi In Schools

While schools, and classrooms do have internet access they do not however have WiFi. The FCC’s E-rate program is proposing to get over 10 million students online in 2015. This project is costly coming in at $1 billion and would modernize E-rates broadband distribution rules. Some are skeptical about weather students would use computer labs more or if the program will just keep kids connected in classrooms and on their phones.

(Photos) Paroled Child Molester Evicted From Bronx Home Near School, After Alert Grandma Tips Off Officials!

A paroled child molester moved to an apartment too close to an elementary school in Bronxdale. 28 year old Roland Marrero, who was convicted of molesting a 5 year old boy, moved to an Mathews Ave apartment building less than the 700 feet from P.S. 357. Officials were tipped off by a concerned grandma, Edith Blitzer. Blitzer learned of Marrero’s arrival in the neighborhood via an email alert. To read more, click below.

Check It Out: NYC Charter Schools Getting How Much In Grant Money To Teach Who???

NYC Charter schools will be getting $4.5 Million in state grant money to teach regular public schools. I don’t know if this is such a good idea i mean if the state had a couple mills laying around why not invest in after school tutoring programs for the kids, more books, more teaching software for the teachers, more supplies, more teachers, more help over all. But the state hopes that charter schools will share instructional techniques with the public school staff. Check out more on this story.

Tech Talk News: Will Teaching Kids How to Write Software Help Fix Young America?

New York City is a hotbed of technological innovation, but many of its public school students aren’t graduating with the skills needed to be a part of “Silicon Alley,” as it’s known. Scott Schwaitzberg, vice president of Activate, is planning to fix that problem by helping to build a public high school designed to teach the city’s youth everything they need to know about writing software and the tech industry. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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