(Video) MLB: Rougned Odor Punches Jose Bautista After Hard Slide Then Bench-Clearing Brawl Ensues!

Remember Jose Bautista’s infamous bat flip?  Well the Texas Rangers got their revenge on Sunday.  Things got super heated after a hard slide by the Toronto slugger at Rougned Odor’s legs in the midst of a double play in the top of the eighth inning.  Odor shoved Bautista then landed a hard punch that sent Bautista’s sunglasses and helmet flying further than his bat flip.  Players from both teams rushed the field and all out chaos ensued.

(Video) Rapper Stitches Punches Fan In The Face

Stitches made it very clear that he is not one to be messed with, even if it’s a fan. He punched a fan in the face after they touched his chest during a performance.

TDE’s Punch Preparing His Debut Album

TDE’s Punch is known for his work behind the scenes for Top Dawg Entertainment. After putting the pen to the pad for years, Punch finally thinks it’s time he create a full body of work. Hit the jump.

(Photo) NBA: Really? Clippers Tweet Pic Of Blake Griffin & Equipment Manager He Punched, Caption It “Family”

I don’t know who the Clippers are trying to fool but this looked so forced and awkward. As you already know, Blake Griffin punched his so called “friend” and Clippers equipment manager Matias Testi outside of a restaurant in Toronto a couple weeks back. Besides hurting his hand he will be suspended for 4 games upon his return from injury. For the most part though we were starting to forget about it until the Clippers thought posting a picture of Blake dapping up Testi before last nights game against the Spurs was a good idea. The result is a very strange, uncomfortable looking pic, especially from Testi’s perspective. The team was better off leaving this alone because it looks forced all around. Check the gallery!

(Video) Lmao…Guy Goes Off On Kanye…”You Make Me Want To Punch Innocent Puppies In The Face”

Lmao omg…this guy is too funny. He just went on a Kanye West rant – stemming from his diss against Taylor Swift. The stuff this guy is saying is hilarious, with my favorite quotable – “you make me want to punch innocent puppies in the face.” Lol, hit the jump.

NBA: Incident Report Released; A Drunk Jahlil Okafor Was Knocked Down Before Gun Pulled On Him

A seemingly drunk Jahlil Okafor was knocked to the ground before he had a gun pulled on him during an altercation in Philly back in October, this according to an incident report.

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