NFL: Michael Vick Is Still The Man, Puts LeSean McCoy In His Place

For anyone who thinks Mike Vick is getting older and maybe lost a step, you better think again. His teammate and running back LeSean McCoy had to find out the hard way yesterday at Eagles practice. McCoy has been challenging Vick for weeks to a race, calling him old man, washed up and all other kinds of trash talk. Seems Like Vick had enough and asked head coach Chip Kelly for permission to race and the coach allowed it. What happened next would be so much better if their was video, but we will take what we can get. Read more about it after the jump.

NFL: Oh Shoot, Is A Race In The Future?! Deion Sanders & Chad Johnson Go At Each Other On Twitter!

Gotta love some good trash talk…esp. between Chad Johnson and Deion Sanders!  It all started when a fan hit up the two on Twitter asking who would win in a foot race?!  Both are known for trash talking so you know this got interesting.  I’d love to see this happen.  Check out what they both had to say & stay tuned!

(PHOTOS) Sports: First Images of Boston Bomb Fragment

The FBI has released a picture of a mangled pressure cooker that it says was part of one of the bombs from the Boston Marathon. Picture & details after the jump…

Sports (Report): Bombs Were Placed in Pressure Cookers at Boston Marathon

More and more details are slowly being released about what happened yesterday when two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon killing 3 and injuring more than 170.  The two bombs were fashioned out of pressure cookers and packed with shards of metal, nails and ball bearings, a person briefed on the investigation told The Associated Press on Tuesday. More details after the jump…

Sports: LeBron, Kobe, RG3, Mayweather & Many More React To Marathon Tragedy in Boston

As expected, many people took to Twitter after the news broke about the explosions at the Boston Marathon.  This included MANY athletes that wanted to express how they were feeling and let Boston know they were praying for them.  Check out the reactions after the jump…

Video Footage of The Explosion at the Boston Marathon

A video has surfaced of one of the explosions.  This is just so sad. SMH.  What the f*ck is wrong with people?!  Our thoughts & prayers go out to those involved/hurt in #BostonMarathon.  We will keep you updated as we get more details…

(*Graphic Photos*) Sports: Explosions at Boston Marathon Result in Deaths And Injuries

Two explosions have injured people near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Our thoughts & prayers are with everyone over there. We don’t have a lot of details as to what’s happening right now, but we will keep you updated as we get them.  Report from the Associated Press and graphic pictures after the jump…

NASCAR: Man Commits Suicide at Texas Motor Speedway

Wow, this is just horrible news.  A man shot himself in the head and killed himself at the NRA 500.  Details of what happened after the jump…

SHADY! Which New York State Politicians Were Arrested For Trying To Rig A Mayoral Race ???

BAD Senator, BAD! New York State Senator Malcolm A. Smith and City Councilman Daniel J. Halloran were arrested for trying to pay-off some people to get on and win the ballot in a mayoral race. Despite the fact that he’s currently a registered Democrat, Smith wanted to run for mayor of NY as a Republican. The reason he’s in prison NOW, is because he’s accused of making payments to Halloran in exchange for his assistance in setting up meetings with Republican leaders to get Smith’s name on the ballot. #Shameful! Smith is 56-years-old and was the first black president of the State Senate. What a damn waste! And he had the nerve to tell Lil Wayne that he wanted him to apologize to NY! Da F! Drop down bottom to get a look into the Senator’s shady past.

(Video) Kim Kardashian Speaks About Color And Raising A Bi-Racial Child!

Kim Kardashian is six-months pregnant and has been very public in speaking about it. Kim sat down with BET and talked about raising a bi-racial baby, saying that her child won’t see color. Click below to check out the interview.

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