(Video) Blind Man Speaks On Racism

In a video we see a blind man share his thoughts on racism. The man says he does not think about color, its all about the person as a individual. He says he believes blind people like him all go by the content of people’s character because they can’t even see color.

(Photos) NFL: Arian Foster Speaks Out on Racism, White Privilege & Police Brutality

Free agent Arian Foster took to his Twitter account and delivered a set of tweets about issues plaguing the black community.  With the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police officers, outrage and calls for justice are ringing out across the nation.  Foster explained his thoughts on the matter.

(Video) Rosenberg Loses It On Police Officer Over Alton Sterling Killing

Alton Sterling was killed in cold blood by a police officer and it was ALL on camera, yet still, fellow officers are trying to justify it. When an officer calls into Hot 97 this morning, Peter Rosenberg goes off over them not taking responsibility and being able to point at a fellow officer and say, “That was wrong.” Watch the powerful video below.

(Video) Good For Her! Racist White Woman Arrested After Following & Harassing Miami Woman

A young woman (presumably Black or Latino) was walking her dog in South Florida earlier this week, when she began being followed by an older white woman, telling her to leave. Upon asking the white woman if this was her property and that if so, she’d be glad to leave, she told her no – and that’s when the young woman had the intuition to being filming their encounter. It’s lucky that she did, as not only did the woman tell her she’s following her because “you’re part of South Miami,” she later tried to grab her camera and assault her – to which she was welcomed with a nice knock on the face. But why did she have the nerve to be surprised and upset that she got hit?! SMH! There’s a happy ending here, though, as the older woman was eventually arrested for assault. Thank goodness for camera phones, because we all know how that narrative would have been spun by this racist woman if there was no video!

(Video) Take A Journey Into The Mind Of Racist America And The Inequality In Contemporary America

Racism still exists and if you think otherwise then you are in fact a racist. Racism is nothing new though. It has been in America since America’s beginning. Take a journey in the mind of someone from white America and get a first hand look on how some of them think and feel about racism and inequality in America.

(Photos) J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Claims Chance The Rapper Never Paid For Beats & Industry Racism

And here comes all the producers starting to speak out, following FlyLo’s lead

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