Chance The Rapper Blasts Chicago’s “Whirlyball” For Discriminating Against Black People

Chance was not a happy camper in his hometown of Chicago recently. You wouldn’t believe what new polices “Whirlyball” set out for the people of Chicago.

(Video) Trump Inspired Candidate Sparks Outrage With ‘Make America White Again’ Billboard

A candidate for Congress is in some serious trouble for a campaign sign saying “Make America White Again.” The sign which appeared on a highway in Tennessee was placed there by independent candidate, Rick Tyler, who is currently running for Tennessee’s 3rd congressional district seat. Read the rest of the story after the jump!

(Photos) J.K Rowling Claps Back On Twitter!

When fans give their opinions and feedback on J.K Rowling’s projects, she’s all ears. But this one suggestion from a fan did not sit well with the author, causing her to clap back. Check it out after the jump!

(Photo) SMFH Teens Post Offensive Prom Proposal On Twitter

I could already see conservatives bashing liberals for not allowing these kids to share their freedom of speech. And bashing our “PC culture”. Smh, I don’t care where you’re from this ain’t right.

(Video) That’s Racist: White Man Is Fired From From His Job After He Was Caught On Video Calling A Black Videographer A Chimp

Unfortunately we still still live in a world filled with ignorant racist jerk off’s. You would think that some people would see passed the color of someones skin but sadly that’s all that some people see. John Pisoe just so happens to be one of the many ignorant racist idiots in the world. He was caught on camera calling a black videographer a chimp for no reason. No one is quite sure why this ass hole went on a racist tirade this week but we know that he got fired from his job. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Really Now? : White Fox News Co-Host Asks Black Co-Host If She ‘Makes Kool-Aid’

My God, this really couldn’t have been any more awkward, the little girl’s face says it all. It’s actually so awkward that for the slightest second you almost feel bad for him but then that goes away just as fast as it came. I guess this host thought it was necessary to play into the stereotype that all African Americans drink Kool-Aid, having no beef to ask the African American host if she was sippin’ on Kool-Aid with her well cooked meal; look into the article to see this subtle racism at it’s finest, smh.

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