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Hello Rapper World…. So you’re an talented independent artist that Freestyles and wants a shot at spitting next to Flex as well as one of the other opportunities like possible Stage performance, or getting studio time to meeting with label execs… and much more to come… No Worries, we have you covered below!

(Photos+Video) Initiative Aims To Address Black Male Jobless Rate

The United States Black Chambers recently launched the Young Black Male Entrepreneur Institute. This initiative aims to address black male jobless rate.

(Video) YouTube To Start A New Format For Ultra HD aka 4K TV!!!

I know the 99% of non-techies could care less about this, but in about 4 to 5 years, when everyone and there moms has some sort of 4K TV, and mobile devices have gone past retina, you will care, a lot!

(Video) Study Shows That Drinking Patterns Among Married Couples Can Determine Divorce Rates

Turns out that drinking while married doesn’t necessarily mean that a divorce is inevitable. The determining factor is the pattern of drinking. For example, couples that drink together –despite the amount– are more likely to maintain their marriage. The couples that don’t are more likely to split up. Hit the jump for more info.

Economy Adds 200,000 Jobs In December

Even though tens of thousands of Americans have given up hope and stopped looking for work, the government reported today that the U.S. added 200,000 jobs in December and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 percent. This news comes just one month after President Obama predicted the unemployment rate would drop to 8 percent in 2012. Get the full story after the jump! Wendy L.

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