NFL: Cris Carter & Ray Lewis Out, Randy Moss In On ESPN’s NFL Coverage


Things are continuing to shake up on ESPN’s NFL coverage, they will look dramatically different next year.  It was already reported that Mike Ditka is out from the Countdown show (though he will remain with the network in an emeritus role), and that Matt Hasslebeck and Charles Woodson are on their way in.   Trent Dilfer is also reportedly leaving in addition to two other names, Cris Carter and Ray Lewis.

NFL: Ray Lewis’ Son Arrested After Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Two Women


Ray Lewis III, son of former NFL star, Ray Lewis, was arrested and charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct after two women accused him of sexual assault.

(Video) NFL: Ray Lewis Rips #BlackLivesMatter For Ignoring Black-on-Black Crime

IFWT_Ray Lewis

There’s always a set of people who bring up black-on-black crime whenever black people protest against police brutality.  The latest person to push this rhetoric is former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

(Audio) NFL: Ray Lewis Releases Snippet Of His New Song And It Sounds As Terrible As You Might Expect


I don’t know about you but I can’t get jiggy to this sh*t! I have no clue who put the battery in the back of Ray Lewis to start making music but it should have stopped there. Nobody around him should have let him actually release the music to the public because, well, it’s freaking Ray Lewis and he doesn’t know a damn thing about making music. Yesterday he released a snippet of his song “Can You Stand The Rain” and even though I have no idea how the song ends, I know it’s terrible. I’m all for people stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things but this did not go well.

NFL: Ray Lewis Gives His Accounts OF Atlanta Murders


Ray Lewis is a future Hall of fame Linebacker and super bowl champion, but in 2000 all of that almost went up in smoke when he along with two others were charged with the murders of Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker afte. Lewis eventually reached a plea bargin in the case and plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges, but in his new book “I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, And Glory,” Lewis gives his accounts of what really happened.

NFL: Terrell Suggs Says He Will Not Retire After Tearing His Achilles Tendon


Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, suffered a torn Achilles’ tendon last week during the first regular season game against the Denver Broncos.  The veteran is expected to be out for the remainder of the season, but says that this season would not be his last.

(Video) NFL: Ray Lewis Gives Passionate Speech Asking Rioters to Stop the Violence in Baltimore


Ray Lewis spent his entire 17-year career as a linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens.  In addition to his plays on the field, he was known for his passionate speeches and preaching ability.  Yesterday riots broke out in Baltimore in response to the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old man who died of a severe spinal cord injury after police arrested him.  Businesses were looted and burned down, and both police and protestors suffered injuries.  I also want to mention that THOUSANDS also joined together in peaceful protests that weren’t as widely covered through the media.  In any event, Lewis took to his Twitter account and also made a video asking people to stop the violence.

NFL: Ray Lewis Says the Only Reason We Know Tom Brady is Because of a Tuck Rule


Ray Lewis has clearly lost his mind.  Whether you’re a New England Patriots fan or not, everyone acknowledges that Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and of all-time.  Lewis seems to think otherwise and thinks we wouldn’t know who Brady was if it wasn’t for the infamous tuck rule.

(Photos) NFL: Ray Lewis Joins Twitter & Gets Killed (Pun Intended)

IFWT_Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis joined Twitter and got a not so warm welcome.  He was quickly initiated into the harsh world of Twitter where people attack public figures for the things they’ve done.  The former Baltimore Raven struck a deal to avoid murder charges and jail time by pleading guilty to misdemeanor obstruction of justice in the case of two men who were stabbed and killed outside of an Atlanta nightclub.  Many people think Lewis is guilty of the murders and when he joined Twitter, they didn’t let him forget it.

NFL: Ray Lewis Comments On His Friendship With His Former Teammate Ray Rice


When Rice’s domestic violence video was revealed to the public last month, Lewis blasted his actions and claimed that Rice put “a lot of people in jeopardy” with his actions. In a recent interview, the Ravens legend spoke on the status of their friendship. Hit the jump for details.

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