Nicole Scherzinger Will Return To Judge X Factor- But Not In The U.S!

This just got interesting! We all know how Nicole Scherzinger got fired from being a judge from The X Factor …hit the jump to find out what the update is! Melissa Nash

NFL: Guess Which Celeb Couple Is Next To Have A TV Wedding?!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada have signed on to a VH1 reality series to chronicle their journey to the altar, the network said Monday.

Kris Humphries To Sue E! Network If They Don’t Increase His Pay For “Kourtney & Kim Take NY”

Kris is currently raking in $28,500 per episode of the “reality” show he stars in with soon-to-be ex wife Kim and her sister Kourtney, but the NBA baller wants an increase to $50k or else he’s taking it to court. Honestly, I think he deserves more too. We ALL know Kim and Kourtney are probably making double if not triple that amount per episode…PLUS he’s one of the main reasons the ratings are so high. Not to mention, the editing that goes into the show was allegedly manipulated by Kim and her team to have Kris look like the “lazy villain” in their whole divorce. Do you think he deserves more? Get the details below and let us know! Marisa Mendez

Kim Kardashian’s Friend Jonathan Cheban Considering Suing Kris Humphries For “Gay Slur”

Puh-LEASE let this be a silly rumor because this will be RIDICULOUS! Quick back story: on an upcoming episode of KKTNY, we’ll see Kris chilling with Kim’s BFF Jonathan and “question” his sexuality because he’s slightly flamboyant and never hooked up with Kim. Now we ALL know that this crap is scripted so that’s stupid right there in itself. That’s A. B…this show didn’t just get shot yesterday…that footage is months old and he’d just NOW be considering a lawsuit? Yea right! Ugh this stuff makes me so angry! Read on for more details. Marisa Mendez

(Video) Maino Talks Relationship With Olivia And How Rappers Are Being Portrayed On Reality TV

In a recent interview Maino spoke about his relationship with singer and reality TV star Olivia. Maino also touched on how he feels about the way certain rappers are being depicted on reality TV. @WiLMajor

(Fellas Check The Pic) Kim Kardashian Made Kris Humphries Appear On Show

Kim Kardashian’s former hubby, Kris Humphries didn’t want to appear on any of the Kardashian reality shows, but was “guilted” to do so. He got suckered into being on the show because well he’s a sucker. In his defense though I don’t believe he’s the villain. Click below to find out more and see a nice pic of Kim at the beach. @WiLMajor

Regis Philbin To Star In Reality TV Show?

Regis Philbin hasn’t retired from his hit talk show yet, but he’s already coming up with a back-up plan! According to Regis, he has already filmed the pilot to his show in LA. His last day hosting Live With Regis and Kelly will be November 18th. Read more after the jump. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

(Video) MTV To Debut Plus-Size Reality Star

There’s a new MTV reality show coming to town, but it’s no where near what The Hills or Jersey Shore was like. In October, the network is set to debut a reality series featuring a small town girl who moves to a big city to pursue fashion but her biggest obstacle is herself. This show could go both ways– it could help her out, or it could make her miserable. Read more after the jump, watch the trailer, and tell us what you think! @ItsLukieBaby

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