(Video) Kraft Recalling Mac and Cheese for Metal Pieces???

OK…the major food industry is getting out of hand with these recalls. Now there’s approximately 242,000 boxes of Kraft Recalling Mac and Cheese for Metal Pieces, (WTF)???

BMW Recalls 1.6 Million Cars Because Of WHAT?!?!

Due to airbag concerns, BMW has decided to recall up to 1.6 million cars. Despite such a large number, in the U.S. about 574,000 are being recalled. According to CNN, the recall affects BMW cars manufactured between mid-1999 and mid-2006. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) GM Recalls 7.6 Million Vehicles Because Of WHAT?!?

Bad news for General Motors. The struggling company has recently announced the recall of up to 7.6 million vehicles dating back to 1997 because of faulty ignition switches. With this recent news, GM’s recalls have reached more than 28 million vehicles for health and safety concerns. More info after the jump.

Ground Beef Laced With LSD

Just a few weeks ago 9 millions pounds of ground beef was recalled, now we have ground beef tainted with LSD!? A pregnant woman and her family became sick after eating the ground beef laced with the hallucinogenic. Read more about this after the jump.

(News) 9 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Processed With Diseased Cows !

If you live in Cali, Chicago, Texas and Florida you might want to check your ground beef. Theres report of a feeding corporation in California produced ground beef with diseased cows ! Maybe this vegan lifestyle is the way to go ? Read more about how this meat made it to stores after the jump.

NBA: Knicks Recall J.R. Smith’s Brother From D-League & Tyson Chandler Returns Tonight

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter about this.  The Knicks are trying to make moves to get it back together & they have recalled Chris Smith from D-League.  Whether you like this or not, there is great news — Tyson Chandler will be back in the lineup tonight against the Bucks!!  YIPEEE (thank goodness)!!!!  Amar’e Stoudemire & Kenyon Martin still out.  #KnicksTape Hit the jump for details…

WOW! Fuel And Oil Leaks Lead THIS Car Company To Recall One Of Its Most Prized Models!!!

American Cars stand out like no other. Whether for fashion or function, they have always been know to take care of business. But, due to frequent reports of fuel and oil leaks, that could potentially lead to engine fires, Ford –unfortunately– recently resurrected the notorious moniker “Found On The Road Dead.” Due to this, the company has recalled the Escape model for the seventh time since its redesign in 2012. Hit the jump for more info.

WTF!!! Best Buy Recalls WHAT?!?!?

Best Buy has recently recalled third party MacBook batteries. The company sold Apple customers ATG branded items to replace their MacBook stock battery.

Auto: Chargers & Challengers Need To Be Recalled For Major Safety Issue

Most people love the new era of the Challengers and Chargers. A blast from the past with a modern look has turned doubters into believers. But just because certain cars wind up being big hits with fans and consumers, doesn’t mean they are exempt from things going wrong. Chrysler announced today they need to recall around 200,000 cars, with the big chunk being Charger & Challengers. The Chrysler 300, Jeep Liberty and the Dodge Nitro were also part of the recall. See why after the jump.

Auto: Damn! Hyundai & Kia Recalling Over 2 Million Cars For What??

Sometimes car companies do recalls for the smallest things that wouldn’t even affect the way the car drives or any safety issues. But sometimes you have recalls like this one that could be extremely serious if not corrected. It was announced today that Kia & Hyundai must recall 1.6 million vehicles made between 2007-2011. This is on top of the 700,000 cars they had to recall for the same issue 2 years ago. The issue is a faulty brake switch. The brake switch could malfunction causing the brake lights to not illuminate, which could lead to accident. Other possible issues with a faulty switch include the cruise control not cancelling with the brake pedal. That second issue is huge. Imagine your driving on the highway and your cruise control is set when a car cuts you off. Normally you hit the brake and the cruise is cancelled. Now imagine the same issue but your car will NOT slow down by hitting the brake. That is a life threatening situation. Anyone who reads this who owns these cars between those years should be checking with a local dealership about the recall.

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