(Video) Top Dawg Ent. Says New Kendrick Is His “Best Work” and Offers Refunds If Not

When was the last time you got a “money-back guarantee” on an artist??? Well Top Dawg Ent. Says New Kendrick Is His “Best Work” and Offers Refunds If Not so apparently…we’ve been put on!

NY & DC “Rock The Bells” Dates CANCELLED…Here’s Why!

This really saddens me. Not only is Rock The Bells an awesome experience of true hip-hop, but this year was the 10th anniversary, and it included the holograms of both Eazy-E and ODB. How could the ticket sales be so poor, especially in hip-hop’s birth place?! Unfortunately such is the case, and the folks behind RTB were forced to cancel not only the NY dates but the Washington D.C. dates as well. Below is a statement from Guerilla Union founder/owner Chang Weisberg regarding the cancellation. Hopefully next year is better.

American Express Will Pay Back $85 Million To Customers

Three American Express subsidiaries will refund $85 million to customers to resolve charges that they broke consumer protection laws.  The subsidiaries charged illegal late fees, treated applicants differently based on age and misled consumers about debt collection, among other violations.  Check out the full coverage below! DJ Matthew Tyler

Woman Mistakenly Given $2.1 Million Tax Refund Gets Caught!

  Krystal Marie Reyes used TurboTax to file a $2.1 million claim.  After she received the false claim she went on an intense shopping spree and wasted $150,000.  Although she was caught, she was able to waste that amount of money in a short time.  Hit the jump to see how she was able to go through with this. Steph Bassanini

Ticketmaster Refunding Customers For Deceptive Fees

Ticketmaster will be refunding customers for “deceptive fees” to anyone who used the site for the last 12 years!! Get the full details after the jump because if you’ve ever bought tickets off the site, chances are, the refund applies to you! Wendy L.

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