(Photo) Ben Affleck Reveals A Successful Stint In Rehab For Alcoholism

Ben Affleck took to Facebook today to reveal that he recently completed a successful stint in rehab for alcoholism. The actor recently went through a troubled time with wife Jennifer Garner, and she filed for divorce amid rumors of infidelity, drinking issues and more. She recently pulled the divorce, however, but interestingly enough – Ben refers to her as his “co-parent” in his FB post, and not his wife. Hmm! Check out what he said below. Kudos to him for having the courage to not only confront his issues but share the journey with others!

(Video) NBA: Odom Says Rehab Was Life Changing

Photo Credit Lamar Odom finished his rehab stay earlier today and is ready to get back to a normal life. Check out what that entails.

NBA: Lamar Odom ‘Successfully’ Completes Rehab Stint & Is Doing ‘Great’

Some good news for Lamar Odom; he’s completed a 35-day rehab stint and is reportedly doing better.

NBA: Reason Behind Lamar Odom’s Latest Rehab Stint is Revealed

Lamar Odom checked himself into rehab but it’s not because his divorce from Khloe Kardashian is almost final, well that’s not the main reason.  Odom reportedly checked into rehab out of fear he would go on a drug binge as his deceased son’s birthday approached.

Stevie J Released From Rehab – But Only For More Drama

Stevie J has been released from rehab (where he was ordered to be because of cocaine,) but it’s only because he has to appear in court to address his $1.1 million federal child support case.

NFL: Aldon Smith Checks Into Rehab Days After Reportedly Smoking Weed On Camera

Aldon Smith has checked himself into rehab today and the timing raises some questions. It isn’t clear what Smith is seeking treatment for, but the news comes days after a Periscope video surfaced that shows an unidentified man and woman talking about smoking. You never see the man’s face in the video but at the end, it pretty much becomes clear who it is.

Heroin and Meth Addicted Puppy From California Goes to Rehab

This puppy was severely abused with his owner keeping him high off of heroine, meth, and nicotine in a motel in California. The poor pup was probably so confused he didn’t know what was going on, but luckily the Tustin Police Department rescued him, arrested the owner, and got “Bubba” into rehab.

NBA: Amid Recent Drinking, Khloe Kardashian Demands Lamar Odom to go to Rehab But He Refuses

Lamar Odom was spotted drinking at an Irish bar just hours before going to church with Khloe Kardashian and family for Easter.  Apparently that wasn’t his only offense; his drinking has reportedly reached crisis level and Khloe desperately wants him to get help now.  The only problem is, he doesn’t want to get help.

MLB: CC Sabathia Says He Feels ‘Fantastic’ & Like a Weight is Lifted After Rehab For Alcoholism

CC Sabathia says he feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders after completing a stint in rehab for alcoholism and adds, “I feel fantastic.” 

Stevie J Will Be Going To Rehab To Avoid Facing Jail Time

Love and Hip Hop star Stevie J will be heading to jail! … Or not! To avoid going to jail Stevie J was ordered to go to rehab. Read more after the jump.

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