Lol: Man Asks Woman For Coffee Money Back After He Get’s Rejected

Say hello to Lauren Crouch- the woman who rejected her Tinder date a second try at sealing the deal for the night and than got asked for a refund for the date. Read the hilarious anecdote after the jump.

(Video) Man Burns Down Woman’s House After She Rejected Him On Facebook!

A man set a woman’s house on fire after she rejected him on Facebook. Read more on the crazy story after the jump!

Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal… Could Face More Jail Time!!

Chris Brown rejected a plea deal in his D.C. assault case. This means that he’ll be going to trial. If trial fails, that could lead to more jail time. Hit the jump for the full scoop!

Sports: Rejected Last Year — Drake’s Getting Help From ESPN For NBA Finals Media Access

Remember this last year?!  Drake was denied access to the Miami Heat locker room after game 7 and a video surfaced of the rejection (see HERE if you forgot).  Well it looks like he’s getting some help from ESPN to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Check it out…

NBA: Donald Sterling Rejected From Law Firms & He Says Magic Isn’t A Good Example For Children

Donald Sterling really should just shut up.  No one is accepting his apology and it seems he just might be making matters worse (if that’s even possible) with this upcoming Anderson Cooper interview (airs tonight on CNN).  Yesterday we shared some quotes from the interview and today we have a little more where he talks about Magic Johnson.  SMH.  Apparently he’s also having a hard time finding a good lawyer because at least 8 firms have rejected him.  Good for them!  Hit the jump for details…

Whoa! Was Tyra Banks REJECTED By Victoria’s Secret This Year?!

The recent Victoria’s Secret fashion special seems to not want former VS Angel Tyra Banks to be a part of their show. The former supermodel apparently was “dying to appear on the runways as a surprise in the most recent CBS Victoria Secret Fashion Show” but “was rejected by the brand and the network, despite her long affiliation with the company. She’s outraged and is threatening to never to work with Victoria’s Secret again,” sources say. The reason given to Banks hit hard. She was told that people want to see the new models on the runway, not the ‘veterans’. Although she isn’t happy with the decision made by Victoria’s Secret and those who are affiliated, she is handling it well. No part of her wants to make a public spectacle out of it, knowing it would just make everyone look bad. Banks was one of the original “Angels” AND one of America’s most successful models… can’t blame her for taking it a little personal! Hit the gallery for some of Tyra’s classic runway pics.

(VIDEO) NFL: Damn! Broncos Superstar Turned Away From Club Where Seahawks Players Celebrated SB Win

Ouch! Damn, his team took an L in the Super Bowl and then he took an L after. SMH. Von Miller went out after the Broncos lost in the Super Bowl and ended up getting rejected from entering a NY club … where Seahawks players were celebrating. Of course, cameras caught it on tape. *Update* — Yes, Drake made it in with no problem. Check it out…

NFL: Nnamdi Asomugha Offers Money For Jersey Number 24, But Gets Shut Down!

Nope!  You won’t be seeing Nnamdi Asomugha rocking jersey #24 this season.  He made an offer to get his number from Anthony Dixon who already has rights to the number, but got rejected! It may seem like a lot of money to the average person, but maybe not for a football player?! Check out how much he offered for it & let us know if you think it was enough?!

NBA: Wow, Details of Monday’s Intervention Attempt For Lamar Odom Revealed

An intervention attempt was made yesterday to help Lamar Odom, but according to sources he rejected it.  This has really turned into a scary situation & we really hope he gets the help that he needs. Details of the intervention after the jump…

Chris Brown Receives Some Great News!!!

Breezy has had a go of it in the last year, and back in june a chick tried to add to his issues with a claim that he shoved her, Well CB found out about whats gonna happen in this case and he’s Grinning!!!

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