(Video) Yikes! Family & Friends Fear For Amanda Bynes’ Life Meanwhile She Rides Citibike Into NYC Traffic

Teen star Amanda Bynes, seems to have gone from bad to worse. The young star who has struggled with mental illness for quite sometime, looks to be off the wagon again after she stopped taking medication which is obviously required. Reports suggest that Amanda began to go on a downward spiral once more after her parents lost conservatorship over their daughter back in June. Sources say family and friends are in fear for her life once again. See video of Amanda cruising through the crowded street of NYC inside!

(Video) Paul Wall Discusses Eminem Referencing Him On Tracks

Houston native Paul Wall has sat down with Montreality to discuss Pimp C, Chammilionaire, his own legacy as well as being referenced by Eminem. Paul Wall stated that any reference from Em is a good one, and is welcoming more in 2014! Check out his full response and interview below.

“That ’70’s Show” Star Dead At Age 43

They say ‘death comes in 3’s’, and Celebs seems seem to be apart of that, 1st the “Glee” star, yesterday the “Bachelor” Star, and today is “That 70’s Show” star Lisa Robin Kelly aka Laurie Forman(Eric’s sister) has passed away, more details below.

Oprah Inspired Lindsay Lohan To Do What?

Lindsay Lohan was going to be heading to Europe tonight for a 3 week vacation…but since talking to Oprah, she’ll be staying her booty right here in the States. During their recent interview, O convinced LiLo that going for the vacay would not be in her best interest, as there was a VERY high likelihood she would relapse while out there. Oprah allegedly called Lindsay multiple times over the past 24 hours to convince her not to go, and Linds gave in, because she says her sobriety is what matters most right now. So good to hear!

(Video) Did Tahiry Say That Joe Budden Was Using Drugs While They Were Together ???

VladTV sits another person in the hot seat. I still want to know why in the hell would Joey break up with this woman ??? On another note, Tahiry fills us in on her perspective of Joey’s “relapse”. Joe once broke his finger and the prescriptions could have been what started it all. Drop down bottom and see if he was on while they were together.

Generic Cancer Drug Shows More Sign Of A Relapse Than The Original Regimen !!!

In 2009, Abby Alonzo was told that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system. With the proper regimen studies show that there is a 90% chance that the disease can be beat. In 2010 however, Abby and her mother Katie was told that there was a shortage on one of the drugs that she needed, which was mechlorethamine. Due to the shortage Abby had to use the generic brand. Studies have shown that 88% of the people taking the original are still alive, but the generic brand, 75%. The question is, how can there be a shortage? Drop down bottom for the answer as well as how Abby’s doing now. JaaiR (JR)

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