(Video) No Chill: Fox News Reporter On Hurricane Matthew “You And Everyone You Know Are Dead”

Fox News reporter Shephard Smith kept it painfully real when he described the stipulations Hurricane Matthew brings with it to Florida. He believes you and everyone you know will die…and “your kids die too”. Damn.

Disgusting: Reporter Takes Crap On Front Lawn

Normally when you’re out and you have to use the bathroom, you hold it by all means necessary. This particular man doesn’t abide by that rule at all.

(Video) Oh Snap: Woman Flashes Her Boobs On Live Television

Too funny! While a news reporter was doing a report, a woman was spotted in the back flashing her boobs!

(Video) 9-Year-Old Reporter Receives Backlash Over Over Covering A Homicide

Hilde Kate Lysiak is one of a kind. At just 9-years-old, Lysiak is a news reporter with her very on news paper. Thats a huge accomplishment if you ask me.

Donald Trump Declines Heavily In The Polls; Drops 12 Points

Donald Trump has dropped 12 points in the last week during his run for the United States’ Presidency, marking his biggest plummet since it has commenced. Full story after the jump.

(Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Ethers Reporter Who Mentioned Manny Pacquiao’s Shoulder

Floyd Mayweather is tired of the bullsh*t and tired of the nonsense. He is not here to listen to tales about how Manny Pacquiao wasn’t at 100% when they fought back on May 2nd. Floyd won, plain and simple! There was no issue during the fight and Manny never showed there was any effects of a torn rotator cuff. A reporter from ESPN Deportes, who was a supporter of Pacquiao heading into that fight, tried to bring up the topic again and Floyd destroyed him!

(Photos) NBA: Steve Kerr Caught Checking Out Warriors Reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude’s Assets

Steve Kerr was the latest person to get caught staring at the backside of beautiful Warriors reporter, Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. It was hard for the coach to focus late in the game because the very complimenting pink dress that Rosalyn was wearing was catching his eye. He is far from the first though as even a referee and Andre Iguodala have been caught with the creepin’ look as well.

(Video) NBA: Jimmy Butler Tells Reporter “Put Your F*cking Hand Down” During Post Game Interview

The Bulls are in total command of their playoff series with the Bucks as they won last night 113-106 in double overtime last night. The victory gave the Bulls a 3-0 lead in the best of seven series. When you are up like that you are usually in a good mood and Jimmy Butler was after the game. During the post game press conference he told a reporter who wanted to ask a question “put your f*cking hand down”. He immediately chuckled so it was a light hearted moment but I am sure for a second the reporter was feeling some type of way.

(Photo) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins Trolls Reporter Who Said He Would Be Arrested Within 5 Years

The old cliche of never judging a book by its cover comes to mind with this story. So a jerk sports writer back in 2010 said he was 100% sure that DeMarcus Cousins would be arrested for something within five years. Well in the age of social media your words can haunt you when you are wrong and today this guy is kicking himself. He sent that message on twitter back on January 30th 2010, which means today is exactly five years and guess what? No arrest for Boobie. Twitter reacted with a well deserved backlash towards the guy, included some not so deserved death threats, but honestly it had a tone of racism and he should be called out for it. Cousins had the last laugh and got the guy to reply to him today and see what he said.

Caught On Camera: LMFAO! Reporter Calls Anchor “Fat” Without Realizing Her Mic Is On!

#ThatAwkwardMoment when you’re on national TV and call the anchorman “fat” not realizing your mic is still on. Yep, that happened to a reporter who had no idea she was still mic’d up. How embarrassing (yet absolutely hilarious.) Check it out below.

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