Masterplan In The Works Between Bernie & Hilary to Defeat Donald Trump

With the presidential election coming this upcoming November, the presidential campaign has made relationships between the candidates quite interesting.Bernie Sanders met with President Obama this past Thursday at the White House where he gave an update on the status of his presidential campaign.

(Video) Iowa Republicans Think Beyonce is “Mental Poison”

Could the “Queen Bey” be a debate topic in the next presidential elections??? Seems like more and more politicians can’t keep her name out of their mouths and now Iowa Republicans Think Beyonce is “Mental Poison” after the claim was made by Republican and former GOP candidate Mike Huckabee.

Democrats Fear Michelle Obama’s Last Name Might Stir Up Trouble For Campaigning

Uplifting crowds, encouraging women, and increasing the turnout among African-American voters — yes Mrs. Obama can do it! And even though that’s all good, it does seem a bit strange that Michelle Obama has been somewhat absent from the campaign trail as the tallies get closer for which party will have control of the Senate.

(Video) LMAO: GOP Invades Coachella!

The conservative GOP has taken to the Coachella stage to explain to the Hipsters that they also can be hip! Watch as the SNL cast parodies the “modern” and slightly “ratchet” GOP, below!

(Video) G.O.P. Goes In On Obama, “His Policies Don’t Work For The African Americans Who Voted For Him”.

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky had a lot to say about the President, including that Obama’s policies don’t work for African Americans. On Sunday, Paul expressed his opposition for emergency unemployment benefits in an interview for Fox News. He also went on to promote his “Economic Freedom Zones” plan for lower taxes in Detroit. This plan would turn zipcodes with high unemployment rates into zones, where federal income taxes would be reduced. Democrats feel this is a ploy for G.O.P. to gain support from minorities, but feels that this plan is a back handed assistance. Democrat Thomas Stallworth of Detroit expressed what he feels would be good for his city, saying: “we need investment in our communities that bring good paying jobs, and funding for education and training.” To check out Rand Paul’s interview, click below.

In The Event Of A Government Shutdown, Here’s The List Of What Would Be Open And Closed!!!

After all of the commotion caused regarding our first government shutdown in 17 years, we have a list that makes the thought much more realistic. Despite the continuation of negotiations, many federal workers are anticipating some time off from work. For the average person, hit the jump to see how the shutdown will affect you.

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