Early Music Lessons Have Longtime Benefits

Getting your child involved in music at an early age can prove to be a huge payoff. According to a study done by researchers at Northwestern University, early childhood musical training can strengthen your auditory skills but, of course, this isn’t a one year gig. Children must remain active in their music lessons to reap these longtime benefits. Read more below. FunkMasterFlex

New Large Lung Cancer Study Suggests Targeted Treatment

Patients with squamous cell lung cancer may have a reason to smile. Researchers may have found some promising results for a new type of treatment. Yay. Read more below. Minosoar

California is Spending More Money on Jails than Higher Education!!!!

No surprise here. Jails and prisons are the new aged high schools. Research shows investment in higher education has decreased 13% in California. Get it together Cali. Read more below. Minosoar

What Does A Man Prefer???

According to a new study, men now prefer smart intellectual women over very pretty ones, not that they can’t be both.Also for those women that can’t really cook there is good news for you, according to the study men are now less interested in those skills. Hit the jump. Steph B

Lack Of Sleep May Be An Early Sign Of Alzheimer’s

Doctors’ always stress getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep, well researchers are stressing it even more. According to a new study poor sleeping habits may be linked to Alzheirmer’s disease. Read more below. Minosoar

Breast Cancer Survivors May Face Heart Failure Too!

As if fighting one battle wasn’t enough. Breast cancer survivors may have another battle to face soon, that is heart failure. Studies show that heart failure is high amongst women who’ve have survived breast cancer. Us poor woman just can’t catch a break. Read more below. Minosoar

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