(Photos) Apple Also Drops New iMac With Retina and The Mac Mini Is BACK!!!

I do think the evolution of retina was only right to be in their all-in-one design, so that was kind of a no brainer! The beautiful 27″ retina is def something every apple product user should have, BUT I am most excited that the Mac Mini is back with the best specs!!!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Smash And Grab At An Apple Store!!!

Ummm, Not how I would have done it, but then again, besides not being a thief(anymore), I really respect technology!!

Can We Expect To See A New MacBook Pro Soon ??

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference starts on June 10 and there are a lot of speculation going around about what products and update will be revealed at the event. Well to add to the list, sources are saying Apple will debut a new MacBook Pro and Macbook Air.

OMG!!!! Apple Is Being Sued!!!

A class action lawsuit is being brought up against Apple for faulty computer display. According to sources , the man who is initially suing says there is an issue the retina display in the MacBook pro series. The lawsuit accuses Apple of “tricking” customers into buying ghosting screens by not disclosing which computer uses which make of display. Customers started seeing burn in problems after they purchased the computer. After an image had been displayed for about 10 minutes it would leave a ghost of the image after customers had cleared their screens. After customers started to complain, apple launched a trouble shooting link.

Tech Talk News: Things NOT Mentioned At Apple’s WWDC!!!

As I was watching a Number of Tech Blogs On How Great All Apple Things are gonna be in the next few months, And All Looks Great….Except this Burning Questions That did Not get Answered, and If you’re Not sure what those are, Hit the Jump!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk News: Apple’s WWDC Announcements…All Has Been Answered!!!!

This is a Yearly Event(the 23rd Event) that has become a staple in Life, And I love it each and every year!!! Ok There is a lot of talk About ‘Map Wars’, New MacBooks, possible Siri on iPad, iTV, & of course iPhone 5 announcement!!!! Hit the Jump and See what Was Actually talked About!! Tat WZA

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