You Big Dummy: Richard Pryor Biopic Will Have Tracy Morgan As Redd Foxx?

“I’ll give you five across your lips,” rolling off the tongue of Tracy Morgan would be something I sure would love to see. The Lee Daniels-directed upcoming biopic of Richard Pryor may have 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan cast as funny man Redd Foxx. Find out more after the jump.

(Video) Richard Pryor’s Son Speaks On Nick Cannon Cast In Father’s Biopic, Family Feud And More!

Richard Pryor Jr. gave an exclusive interview with ET News, giving insight on his first reaction to hearing about the biopic about his father and even spoke on his step-mother shutting him out of production. Although he was skeptical about Nick Cannon being cast as the legendary comedian, there seems to be more of a beef between Junior and Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor. Yikes! To check out the interview, click below.

(Photos) Richard Pryor Jr. Gives Nick Cannon His Blessing To Play His Dad!

When it comes to the production of biopics, everything from the speculated cast to the storyline is severely criticized! Nick Cannon is in talks to portray the late great Richard Pryor, and at first the comedian’s child disapproved, but now after a conversation with Nick on the phone, he had a change of heart! Check out what the conversation was about!

(Video) Word On The Street: Which Legendary Comedian Is Nick Cannon Being Considered To Play?

Hmmm… I was wondering what was up with comedian Nick Cannon, and some of his recent fashion choices. Although he has always had his own unique taste and style, his new transformation was brought on by a possible lead role in a biopic film for one legenedary funny man in particular. Get details inside, and watch Nick allude to who he is looking to channel for new role.

IFWT Wishes Gene Wilder A Happy Birthday!

Not only has he worked with some of the greats e.g., Richard Pryor, but Gene Wilder is one of the greats. Probably best known for his role as Willy Wonka, Wilder has just about done it all. From the whole team over at IFWT, Happy Birthday to the comedian/actor/writer who turns 80-years-old today. Drop down bottom for more.

Tribute To Richard Pryor!

Today would have been Richard Pryor’s 72nd birthday. So in honor of him , hit the jump for a few classic clips from the late legendary comedian! Steph B

Guess Who Richard Pryor’s Widow Is Hoping To Play Her Late Husband In A Movie

A new film about jazz legend Nina Simone is in the works, and the character of Richard Pryor will have an appearance in it. The man tapped to do so thought it’d be the right thing to reach out to Pryor’s widow just to get her blessing, and in doing so, may have set himself up for an even bigger part! Jennifer Pryor was so touched by the gesture, she’s now strongly considering him to play Richard in an entire biopic about him! Have any guesses as to who? I’ll tell you who it’s definitely not…Eddie Murphy! Says Jennifer, “Having Eddie Murphy play Richard Pryor would be like having Al Jolson play Malcolm X.” (Jolson is a white actor from way back when, known for performing in blackface.) Find out who below! Marisa Mendez

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