NFL: Richard Sherman Says Cam Newton Not Going to Playoffs This Year is ‘Karma’

When the Carolina Panthers beat the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional round of last year’s playoffs, Cam Newton ran around Bank of America Stadium high-fiving fans.  But when a Seahawks fan dangled a “12” flag near Newton, he grabbed it, crumpled it up and tossed it while smiling.  As the Seahawks prepare to host the Panthers on Sunday night, cornerback Richard Sherman was asked if Newton crossed the line with his gesture.

NFL: Richard Sherman On Donald Trump Setting A Bad Example For Children

Richard Sherman has been writing a piece for The Players Tribune every Thursday this season and will continue to do so. In his most recent post, Sherman touches on things such as challenging people to take more action, rather than just talk about creating change, as well as teaching our kids as parents to have respect for everyone. Those type of things were on his mind after a discussion he had with his fiancee’s niece and nephew after Donald Trump was elected president.

NFL: Richard Sherman Says Dan Carpenter’s Wife Gave a B.S. Apology After Threat to Cut Off His Balls

Dan Carpenter’s wife Kaela Carpenter wrote a tweet implying that she would cut off Richard Sherman’s balls after the Seattle Seahawks cornerback dove at the legs of the Buffalo Bills kicker.  After some backlash, Kaela issued an apology on Twitter account saying that she was joking and she is not racist.  Sherman, however, was not moved and said she gave a B.S. apology.

(Photo/Video) NFL: Dan Carpenter’s Wife Threatens to Cut Off Richard Sherman’s Balls After Suspect Play

Dan Carpenter’s wife is NOT happy with Richard Sherman, comparing the Seattle Seahawks cornerback to an animal and threatening to castrate him over a controversial play involving the Buffalo Bills kicker during Monday Night Football.

(Video) NFL: Richard Sherman Keeps It 100, Says Players Have No Reason To Trust The NFL

Richard Sherman never has a problem speaking his mind. Whether he is talking about his opponent, other players in the league or the league itself, you can count on him to speak nothing but the honest truth from his heart. Sherman has become very verbal over the past couple years of his displeasure with people in the league front offices and how they look at the players. He spoke on that and the way players are treated by people who are supposed to have their best interest at heart, with the Players Tribune yesterday.

NFL: Richard Sherman Says All Lives Matter & Connects #BlackLivesMatter to Killing Cops

Richard Sherman has always been outspoken and once again he’s speaking out about issues of race and violence currently affecting the country.  In a recent interview, he said All Lives Matter and he can’t fully support the Black Lives Matter movement.  He erroneously connected them with the killing of cops and said we need to start with the inner city gangs and black-on-black violence.

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